UK, September 6, 2007 - Lionhead founder Peter Molyneux has spoken out about Nintendo's motion-sensing Wii Remote, claiming it's not nearly as revolutionary as Microsoft's Xbox Live service.

Speaking to website Canal Juegos, Molyneux was asked what he thought about the current trend for motion-sensing controls. In response, the veteran UK developer said: "All I can say is that Microsoft is an incredibly smart company and I never fail to be impressed by just how clever they are."

He then added: "Don't forget this is the company which pioneered Live, which I believe will ultimately be far more impactful on video games in the long term than something like the Wii controller."

Admittedly, it's something of a change of tune for Molyneux, with the developer gushing over Nintendo's motion-sensing controller to G4TV back before Microsoft's acquisition of Lionhead, "It's not the hardware of the machine, it's not the speed of the machine, it's the fact that that device will enable games to be made unlike no other have ever been."

IGN suggests that Molyneux might be acting out of self interest seeing as how his paycheck comes from Microsoft now. Anyone disagee?