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Zelda: Ocarina of Time coming to the Wii

Remake of the old N64 classic in the works

Posted on March the 30th 2009
by Jay Acevedo (AnodaJay) Click here to see my profile !

Apparently Nintendo is not done with the cool announcements. After announcing The Legend of Zelda: Spirit Tracks last Wednesday at GDC, it seems like the Japanese firm has another huge announcement to make this week.

Late last night, our Japanese contact over at Nintendo sent us word about something really exciting: a Wii remake of the one of the greatest N64 games ever produced: The Legend of Zelda: Ocarina of Time. We were also told that an official announcement would be made around April 5, which is the North American launch of the Nintendo DSi.

While the whole announcement made us really excited, announcing the game alongside the launch of the DSi made us ask ourselves one question that went unanswered: Is it going to have some kind of DSi inter-connectivity?

Mark your calendars people and get ready for probably one of the most cool announcements of the year.


Great news, isn't it? Discuss

Or it could just be a crude April Fool's Joke


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This would be cool along side with a FF7 remake!

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If this is a joke, it would be such a cruel one..

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Almost surely a joke...

I doubt it--I expect New Zelda to make full use of Motion+, which would be redundant in OoT as it wasn't designed around that type of gameplay. Although it'd be cool as an unlockable

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WOW...If true this would be pretty cool. B-but should I finish my VC game of it or wait for the remake?

...and I HOPE this isn't an April fool's.

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This is great. A dream come true if you will. I would still prefer them wait till next-gen for an even bigger impact. I wanna be left in awe after seeing OOT with next-gen graphics.

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I have OoT on VC.. I'm not buying it again.

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I hope that it will happen!! Surely a post from that site can be trusted? Riiiighttt??


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