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LOL, i really LOVE this site.
I'm just wondering why they write "the power of the cell" instead of "teh power of teh cell"...

I don't think it's a joke, I think it's the (very) sad truth.

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I think the site is awesome, and I agree with them that lair is worth 10/10......................................................................................NOOOOOT!!!!

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Its a joke site, why even post it.

you all are pathetic.

I'm pretty sure you've quoted the SDF on a couple things before, Hus.

Bet with disolitude: Left4Dead will have a higher Metacritic rating than Project Origin, 3 months after the second game's release.  (hasn't been 3 months but it looks like I won :-p )

The Sony Family showed very strong July sales with a total of 595,000 pieces of hardware sold. In comparison only 170,000 Xbox 360s were sold and the Sony platform even managed to outsell the much hyped Nintendo Wii which only reached a total of 425,000 sold. Here is the complete breakdown of U.S. game sales in July:

PlayStation Platforms 595k
Wii 425 k
Nintendo DS 405 k
Xbox 360 170k
Game Boy Advance 87k

Where did they get thier figures from, Is that PS3WW Vs. Wii & X360 U.S, did PS3 hit 535K WW during July ??

Heeeeyyyy!!!! <Snap>

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no it's PS3+PS2+PSP vs Wii vs 360.

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What a review! I was completely wrong about this game and I shall run out now and buy!!!

Vandal@SDF Forum said:
I can never tell if this site is real and there really are people that overwhelmingly, disgustingly stupid or if it is like a rennaissance fair where everyone has to pretend that it is the year 1008 and that women who do math are witches.

 I found this post in the forum and thought it summed up how most of us feel about the site.


 This one is a classic too:


None of your arguments make any sense to a SDF member like me...

Just cuz u obviously suk at FPS doesn't mean 'bioshock' is 25 hours...this kid i met on some internetz forumz told me its 10 hours long and he's a real gamer...not a kiddie!!!!#$**(

All of my posts are intelligent because they back-up Sony, t3h gr3test company in the world who are smarter than you. Here's a formula:

Sony > You (in terms of smartz or intellect)
I defend Sony, which is smarter than you...


My arguments are moar intelleigence u = 360 fanboy haha lol!


Is this blue3? lol 

lmao... that made me laugh

I think the problem is that v1 of this site apparently was actually full of ridiculous Sony fanboys in the forum who did have the attitude this site portrays still. Check out Encyclopedia Dramatica.

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