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Pikmin 2 is a first day buy for me, but i am keeping a keen eye on little kings story.

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Can't decide between Hanna Montana and Garfield! Why do great games come out all at once!

Seriously, nothing here but I have a backlog from last month to clear so it'll be one or two of:

Dead Rising
Marble Saga
Bully (on sale)
Don King Boxing
Fire Emblem:SD (DS)

Edit: Forgot Broken Sword



Pixel Art can be fun.

The two best looking titles are not coming out in US yet...

Most likely not get much, or if I get something it will be catch up from previous years...

Maybe one of the several puzzle games if the are

Little King's Story if it comes out this month in US.

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make a league for excitebots!!

Nothing and I'm very happy about it. I have an enormous backlog.

Wii: MadWorld, Broken Sword
DS: GTA: Chinatown Wars, Dragon Quest IV & V
360: Assassins Creed, Gears of War

tenchu shadow assasin is already out here in germany i saw it yesterday

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Peppa Pig and Purr Pals. YESSSS! I'll be buying the golden bolded title from my sig.

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Nothing since I have to much backlog of games...

Former something....