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02nd Apr 09 Dance Dance Revolution: Disney Grooves (buy from VG Chartz) Konami
Doala de Wii Tera Box
Winning Post World KOEI
03rd Apr 09 Blast Works: Build, Trade, Destroy (buy from VG Chartz) Eidos Interactive
Peppa Pig: The Game Pinnacle
Real Madrid: The Game Virgin Play
Smiley World: Island Challenge Zoo Digital Publishing
Tenchu: Shadow Assassins (buy from VG Chartz) Ubisoft
07th Apr 09 Burger Island Destineer
Hannah Montana: The Movie Disney Interactive Studios
My Horse & Me 2: Riding for Gold Atari
Samurai Shodown Anthology (buy from VG Chartz) SNK Playmore
09th Apr 09 Oboro Muramasa Marvelous Interactive
We Rock: Drum King 505 Games
10th Apr 09 Ultimate Band Disney Interactive Studios
14th Apr 09 Professor Heinz Wolff's Gravity (buy from VG Chartz) Deep Silver
16th Apr 09 Deca Sporta 2: Wii de Sports "10" Shumoku Hudson Entertainment
17th Apr 09 CID The Dummy Oxygen Interactive
20th Apr 09 ExciteBots: Trick Racing Nintendo
21st Apr 09 Fantasy Aquarium World (buy from VG Chartz) Bold Games
Pirates vs. Ninjas Dodgeball (buy from VG Chartz) SouthPeak Interactive
23rd Apr 09 Meja-Maji March (buy from VG Chartz) Square Enix
Monster Hunter G Capcom
24th Apr 09 Dance Party: Club Hits Nordic Games
Dance Party: Pop Hits Nordic Games
Hysteria Hospital: Emergency Ward Oxygen Interactive
Jillian Michaels' Fitness Ultimatum 2009 (buy from VG Chartz) Deep Silver
Little King's Story (buy from VG Chartz) Rising Star
Minon: Everyday Hero Nordcurrent
New Play Control! Pikmin 2 Nintendo
Purr Pals Crave Entertainment
Rock Band 2 (buy from VG Chartz) MTV Games
Rock Revolution (buy from VG Chartz) Konami
28th Apr 09 Garfield Gets Real (buy from VG Chartz) Atari
Puzzle Kingdoms (buy from VG Chartz) Zoo Digital Publishing
Roogoo Twisted Towers (buy from VG Chartz) SouthPeak Interactive
The Destiny of Zorro 505 Games
29th Apr 09 Jikkyou Powerful Major League 2009 Konami
30th Apr 09 Mahjong Kakutou Club Wii Wi-Fi Konami
Marbles! Balance Challenge (buy from VG Chartz) Konami
Fish Eyes Wii Marvelous Interactive
Shikakui Atama wo Marukusuru Wii Konami

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Hum, nothing. I just hope this list is not complete. Oboro Murasama is going out in japan only, so I'll have to wait.

Go buy Metroid OTHER M!

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ExciteBots is the only NA release worth getting. Before it was announced I was calling April the "get caught up on all the March releases you missed" month.

Any European shmup lovers need to get Blast Works.

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Excitebots for me.

Nothing of interest, unless Majora's Mask is released on PAL Virtual Console

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I've spent so much money on Wii and DS games in February and March that I'm gonna sit April out. I do want to check out Excitebots though, but I feel like I should grab Excite Truck first.

I will get Little King's Story.

Maybe nothing but I'll wait for reviews and reactions to Excitebots, Gravity, and Roogoo Towers.

Another month with nothing interesting. I haven't got any game since the beginning of the year (I will probably buy Rune Factory though). Little King Story, Wii Sports Resort and The Conduit can't come soon enough.

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If I had the money Little King Story.

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