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off to the sony section of the site to look up good PS2 games, I gotta make a list here people!!!!

Currently dreaming of: DKC4 or Sonic the Hedgehog 4 (classic 2D platformers) for WiiWare, Smash Bros. for DSi, New Super Mario World for DSi, a Wii remake or true sequel of Final Fantasy Tactics.

One down, hopefully more awesomeness to come.

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these have been on sale for $89-$99 pretty regularily.

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It's not getting pulled until the end of the year I know that much at least....speaking of which...I'm buying a PS2 when the price drop goes into effect. :)

damn it, was waiting for a price drop, but gave in about 2 months ago, oh well -.- ps2 was due for a drop, wonder what numbers for it are going to look like

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I love you PS2.

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I really might buy one now! I was really wanting the PS3 to regain it's BC, but if that does not happen after E3 I'm getting the PS2....

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Wiintendo said:
yeah right. Gamecube went down to 25 bucks used(50 new) before it stopped selling.

Not really, that was more of a clearance sale price (ie the price they put it to when they want to clear out the very last stock) So yes PS2 will have another price cut, but it won't last more than 1-2 million sales max at that final price.


The ps2 (and the 6th gen) will die at the end of the current gen.

Kasz216 said:
alfredofroylan said:

April 5th, the end begins....

No real PS3 price drops, but I did discover that the Playstation 2 will see a permanent $30 price drop starting April 5th. It’s definitely not a temporary sale; every flyer I’ve seen says “price drop” or “new low price”. I suppose the timing is an attempt to steal a little thunder from the sure-to-be-huge DSi launch.


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Immediatly thought of this.



lol. I love that comic. :D


^ just PS2 will end next year june or so, the rest of 6th gen been dead long time