which is worse, raping or killing?

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Both very bad, killing is worse.

when I was 15 years old , my class mate raped a 5 year old girl after hitting her head and her mother died after she knew what happened to her daughter.
he's been in jail for more than 5 years now.


edit: I don't know what's my story doing in ur thread but here u are , a guy that actully did both.

^^keep the stories coming guys.....

They're both equally bad.

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Well, killing and murdering are two different things. A soldier kills, but he/she doesn't murder.

No (none-hippy) person would rate a soldier as being worse than a rapist.

If by killing you mean murdering, then yes, it's worse than rape.


In the criminal justice system, murder. Murder is the only crime that can get you the death penalty. Rape by itself cannot unless you kill them as well.

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Rape, because it's like murdering somebody but making them live to remember it.

killing ur doing someone a favor wen raping them as long as it the opposite sex or wat ever sex you prefer and if is not someone ugly or gross


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