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Hey sony and nintendo had a great showing, even if nintendo won.... I think the clear loser of that event was MS... for not showing up. (if they did show up, I missed it)


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@ ghost4life: Acknowledged by fans? Heck, even MS denied the problem until very late. Don't glorify one type of fanboy while bashing the other one. Both are equally evil. Also very subtle that the RRoD was acknowledged by fans (apparently, no fanboys there), but that you compare them to fanboys. Yes, very fair comparison.


Of course MS denied it. They would be the last recognising it.


As for gloryfying fanboys. X360 fans neve claimed their choice was TEH choice due to such huge falsedom as :


22 Teraflops or raw processing power that would favor research against Cancer

A Six-Axes and a Blu-Ray that were going to revolutionize gaming as we know


X360 fans were the most realistic out there.

RRoD sucks / XboxLive is expensive / the d-pad sucks / etc.




I am trying to respond to ur BS, but after checking reality i gave up....

Instead i'll try something irrelevant like : "Convincing u to play MGS 4 is an isult to Kojima him self"


There, corrected.


1) You asked what blue-ray had to offer in gaming and i mention MGS4 but i forgot that u probably don't consider it a game

and u hate it, 2) so u hating Sony is a good thing because that means there as bad as MGS


3) Now plz do us all a favor and stay away from sony discution (which u suposibly hate, but for some strange reason always comingback to)


1) Never did I ask that

2) Never did I hate Sony

3) Sony fans need some correction from time to time (ex : you)

God i hate fanboys, almost as much as they hate facts


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Trico would have cemented it, but yeah, they won.

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GDCs audience it the game development community. Therefore the "winner" of GDC would be the company did the most to leave a favorable impression with the development community, not with the gaming press or gamers themselves.

Sony did have some good announcements at GCC for developers, cheaper dev stations, shared development cost of exclusive PSN games, etc. MS and Nintendo as well.

But the real winner of GDC were the independent developers. The success, both critical and financial, of games like Braid, World of Goo, Pixeljunk Eden had shown the big publishers that you do not need a big team, huge budgets and tons of media hype to make a successful game. You just need a good idea, and a small dedicated team to implement it. Hopefully this leads to more creative and unique games, over the big developers trend of big budget sequel after sequel and nonstop hype in hope of big profits.

Sony wins these shows all the time, so it was expected to happen.

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microsoft actually won

The real winner was... Onlive

I saw a little bit of that Uncharted 2 gameplay today. The graphics look nice and the gameplay is amazing. I can't wait to do a coverage of Uncharted 2 and God of War III on Real Talk.


you know i think everyone had a great show. but now that i think about it, SONY has been on a roll lately. theres has been a lot of announcements recently for the SONY consoles.

ninja gaiden sigma 2.
the new katamari damarcy.
ratchet and clank: ACIT
atelier rorona
the new game called mars (although i dont consider the game exclusive because is on pc too).
all the new PSN games. and all the bunch of games announced for the PSP recently.

and all the stuff they announced at GDC to top that. it has been great for SONY right now. lets see what they will announce at E3¡¡¡¡. the same goes for the other companies.

I don't think anyone wne. What the hell is it with this rhetoric anyway? If this conference is about game announcements then compared to E3, its the special olympics.


Congrats, you won the special olympics.

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