Which was better: Nintendo 64 or Playstation?

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no contest

Sega Saturn

OT: Nintendo 64

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N64 was ahead for me until I picked up final fantasy VII.

Sony from that day on.

GLoRySoGLoRy said:
PSone because it didnt have superman 64.



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never owned the 64 never even played it !!!!!!!

so PS1 for me such a great system but it's a little short to the PS2 IMO

Hmmm...geez that one is difficult! I loved the N64 exclusive games but never had one. Mianly because I was kinda obsessed with the Saturn..that I never had. Then my brother bought a Playstation and I enjoyed many games like Resident evil 2, Bust a groove and Symphony of the night..before my brother traded it for those stupid Magic the Gathering cards D:
So I can't really tell =/

N64 has aidyn chronicles and Ogrebattle 64. Also put in tons of hours with Gex 64 and Conkers Bad Fur Day.

Shakarak on Nintendo Switch, Steam.

obviously the ps1 did quite a bit better than the n64 and had the bigger impact on where gaming is today. I enjoyed some of the ps1 games mostly the Square-Enix and Resident Evil games, but the N64 had some of my favorite games of all time so I am going to have to side with 64.

i was too young to play video games then...