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FFX + Shadow Hearts

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Rath said:
Pokemon Ruby




This thread needs some more KH love. Cmon best games for the PS2.

KH1-2 will always be remembered!!1

Riot Of The Blood said:
Dragon Quest VIII is a great game and it's only 10$.

I would by it. Its one of the best PS2 RPG's and its a steal for that price.


Hmmm, thanks for that. I'll have to pick it up as I've been looking for a good JRPG. Actually been replaying Chrono Cross and FF III, lol.

And FF III is still good, amazingly.

Final Fantasy X. It conquered my gaming life for years.

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Cactus said:
SMT: Nocturne


^this. It was too unique = memorable as hell!

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Kingdom Hearts 1 & 2

just for fun, Least memorable: Suikoden V

FFX by far. I liked Xenosaga also.

Kingdom Hearts 1 and 2

Fantastic battle system and the incredibly unique Disney levels made this the most memorable (J)RPG for me, last generation. To be fair, I'm not a huge fan of the genre, and missed a lot of them.

FFX- My favorite FF story ever. Its an awesome tragedy. Also, all of the characters are likable (or become so by the end: Tidus)