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WessleWoggle said:
pavementangel said:
life is pointless.. i mean, if you really think about, we are all going to die anyway. nothing we do in life is going to matter in the end, because we'll be dead. but if this is the only life you get, then you might as well do whatever makes you happy while you're here.



Pessimism at it's finest. Have you been to the afterlife? No. Make no presumtions. What if your journey through the spirit world is harder because you didn't believe in one and thought death was the end?

I agree with the rule about doing whatever makes you happy, with a small note added to it, don't harm others.

i don't know if i would really call that pessimism.. it's not like letting it ruin my life or anything. it actually makes me want to live the best life i can, just because of the fact that it probably is/might be the only one i get. i'm really not making any presumptions about the afterlife, i'm just saying i know that i'm going to die. i don't know and will not know about any sort of afterlife until then, so i dunno, i'll just enjoy the time i know i have. also, i would definitely agree about not harming others.


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I wish I knew. I question my purpose in life all the time.

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Trick question, life wasn't created with a purpose or meaning.

WessleWoggle said:
bouzane said:
Trick question, life wasn't created with a purpose or meaning.



You don't know that, you didn't make it.

and neither did anybody else create life, therefore my statement the life doesn't have a meaning.

I was actually thinking about this about 5 mins ago....

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you exist for living and you live to be happy, we live to find happyness.


Don't worry, be happy

The purpose is to choose good or evil. If I choose evil, then my goal is to spread as much pain in the world for as long as possible while I myself and am happy as possible. If I choose good, I essentially do the opposite, but still try to make myself happy by knowing that I am good.

whatever it is the answer isint on VGCHartz.