Google Chrome flopped pretty bad, didn't it?

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I've just downloaded Chrome out of curiosity. It sure gives a lot of space on my screen, but I think the not symmetric loading bar is annoying.

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Where's Flock? It should've taken over a chunk of past Netscape users (or perhaps NS users finally realized that NS was/is shit?).

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You expected it to beat Safari???

I think 4th place behind IE, FF, and Safari ain't bad at all....

4 ≈ One

I'm glad it did. I hated it and there are better alternatives!

koopatrooper said:
whats opera mini is that wii opera then? OT i think it didnt flop since it has better marketshare than netsacepe and apera which are both better than chrome


no it's not, opera mini runs in all kind of phones from cheap 30$ to high end smartphones that support java.


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I dont think people really use Chrome that much. I've both used Chrome and Safari but hate the interfaces for both of it. I just prefer Firefox better because its faster than IE and all the other web browsers out their in my opinion.

I use FF and tried Google Chrome, the browser was too plain and kinda boring to look at...I tried to like it ...imo FF is way much better with safety, customization, themes and a bunch of add-ons in overall better than chrome and IE 7...

I believe IE 8 just released last week...

» Internet Explorer 8 released

Hailing it as easier to use, faster and more secure, Microsoft has released their Internet Explorer 8 web browser to the public today. The new browser also incorporates new features such as accelerators, visual search, and web slices.

Internet Explorer 8 can be downloaded at http://www.microsoft.com/ie8

I'm going to give it a try..

Source: http://www.firingsquad.com/news/newsarticle.asp?searchid=21427

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i just recently switched to chrome cause ie and ff stopped working for me, and i love it...so much faster and more streamlined. The only problem is that some programs and websites don't support chrome yet.

I will NEVER willingly download and depend on anything by Google, the one company that has become more invasive and malignant than Microsoft ever dreamed of being. They lost my faith , and patronage when they adopted the very malicious practice of forcing you to actively opt out of thier stupid toolbar when you download ANY FRIKING THING. Reputable companies invite you to opt in, not opt out of something you never asked for.
And despite a high degree of vigilance, I still have them becoming my default search (God only knows how) and making it as difficult as possible to remove.

Lets wait and see how long before they use it as just a new and better pipeline for ads.

tried chromo when 1st came out thought it was bad.