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I've just downloaded the demo of FIFA 08 for PC. Here we have six teams to play with, Barcelona, Manchested United. Marseille, AC Milan, Red Bull and America. As usual on these kind of demos, you can't adjust any setting of the game. Also it advertises a better manager mode and "create formations", but you can't check them out. I guess the formation thing is like in PES, were you could adjust everyone's position.

Starting with the game there is the first big flaw. It still uses the f**king PS2 engine instead of the PS3/360 one. The looks of the players model and lighting are marginally better, but seriously, why are they still using the PS2 engine? How much would cost you EA, to port the 360/PS3 engine to PC? Like $1000 bucks? Is that too much?


The good ol' PS2 engine 

On the things that have improved are, like I said, the looks of the player. They resemble more to their real life counterparts. Well, at least on the most famous and known players.

That's... Motta I think. And there's Rooney too. The others? Um... 

Following the improvements, the AI doesn't seem as stupid as in past games. You require smarter plays to score, and, at least in the demo, the AI doesn't eats the same trick twice. Also the AI creates more complex plays.


Damn it van der Sar

On the audio thing, is your usual FIFA quality. Not much room for improvement. The chants of the teams still sound good.

The demo doesn't gives you much sight of the new features of the game. Supposedly now you have manual control of the long passes and through balls with the control sticks, but unfortunately I don't have a joypad with them ATM. Also, now you can share your replays with friends... but if you have Fraps you can do the same.

So that's it. It's interesting EA is (still) not using the resources available to give the PC players a better experience. I know it's a demo and that you can't adjust visuals and such, but its just obvious. I don't have high hopes for the PC version anymore. We'll see how ends the Wii/360/PS3 versions, (360/PS3 demos will be available soon), but I think I will completely skip this one and wait for Pro Evolution Soccer. 

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Have any links to good places to download it? I of course am just being a lazy bastard and could go find them myself but it would be nice to have them in one place for anyone interested =)

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Here here http://www.gamershell.com/download_20852.shtml

Now, I'm waiting for PES demo. Or pics or something.

Sweet, thanks.

PS - I actually wasn't being so much lazy earlier as not having time since I really needed to be leaving =P

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yo fazz, do you know if the wii version has classic control support?

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