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Yes finally my well deserved Need For Speed Shift Platinum award.

But geeeez it's embarrassing to also get the Juiced 2 platinum with only 15/1000G. Only played it for maybe an hour or less.


EDIT: Goddammit I posted in the old thread.....


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I REALLY want to focus on the 360 but the holidays made me end up with so much other stuff for the "secondary consoles". Gotta finish up Zelda on the Wii, Dead Space and Metal Gear on the PS3, and so many 3DS titles that it isn't funny. I plan on making a hell of a run on Alice, Vanquish, and a few Kinect titles soon, though.

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Wrong thread d21lewis


Seece said:
Wrong thread d21lewis

It's Barozi's fault!  I followed him.  I'll leave, now.

Twitter: @d21lewis  --I'll add you if you add me!!