Rumor Price Cuts Coming in April For BOTH PS3 and 360!!!

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I doubt MS will drop to $99 on the arcade maybe $150.

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kowenicki said:
just out of interest... if there was a $99 360, is there any PS3 or wii owners that still wouldnt pick one up... please give a reason.

I wouldn't. I hate M$ and I'm not interested in the games on the 360. That said, there are few games I'm interested in even on other platforms.

I tried to sell a new arcade in box for 150 and it didn't sell. I bought a used 20 gig hard drive for 30 bucks off the same site I was selling my 360 and increased my price to 220. Sold that day.
People seem to think the arcade is toxic. Why I don't know.

A $99 360 Arcade would be full of awesomeness to us, and full of face palm for M$. I don't see it happening so soon. I could see it dropping to $129 this fall around the holidays. So they wouldn't lose their ass.

Pretty much the same for the PS3.

I don't see either of these things happening anytime soon. Whats with all of these rumors lately? I am getting rather bored with them to be honest.

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The idea of the 360 Arcade going down any lower than it already is is crazy talk. If it was any cheaper it would be a bargain bin, Fire Sale item.




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i think the arcade will get a price cut of 30$ 100 is too much

You can bet MS is already taking a loss on the 199 Arcade model. I could see it dropping to 179.99. Their main price drop will surely be $50 off the pro model.


Price cut will happen on the 1st of April. The sooner that day approaches the more "rumors" we will have.

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The only way I see a $99 360 possible is if they know that they can convert owners into Xboxlive Gold subscribers. Highly doubtful.

It dosent really matter, MS will still make billions and billions. If this happens woworz sony would be in trouble. IMO itll be a 125/150 dollar arcade.