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This thread could should be locked. And Kayanator could use a ban.

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Kayanator said:
ripper said:
What is your insignificant little country?>

If the 'world' hates america it is because of jealousy.

haha no.

EU is a larger economy than the us.

World hates you because you are stupid, ignorant, fat with an imperialist goverment and a shallow culture.

Haha I am going to give you high five for that comment smack!.



Europe is like an unfulfilled but brilliant drunk.  When he avoids his bottle, he is enlightened, kind, and inciteful.  But on the whole, the man knows he has few resources, and constantly works to destroy himself to forget his troubles, knowing fully well that his best friend (North America) may not have the raw talent, but gets the most out of what he is - a self-actualized overachiever.  During the cold war, Europe's friend America took the bottle away from Europe by saying he'd only rebuild Europe's life with his money if Europe gave up drinking.  While Europe did give up his bottle for a little while, he found other substitutes like Coffee (Communism) on occassion to be fairly fullfilling.  But when the Coffee store went bankrupt, America let Europe start drinking again in moderation to keep getting it's fix - largerly so he wouldn't have to face his demons from recent drunken binges (World War I and World War II).

There are ways to insult America, but don't start with Bush - it is like insulting an ugly person on their heinous acne (which they can't control) instead of their bad breath (which is completely fixable with a bit of work).

This thread is pretty pointless now, so I'm going to lock it.

- The Establishment   

People are difficult to govern because they have too much knowledge.

When there are more laws, there are more criminals.

- Lao Tzu

Final-Fan said:
I hate the Bush administration, the havoc and illegal/unConstitutional actions it has wrought, and everyone who helped bring the three about.

Like what? Like wiretapping of calls outside the US made by suspected terrorists? (a less invasive program than the one during the Clinton administration) Or like the terrorist holding camps outside the US that hold only non-us citizens that are labelled as enemy combatants? The so-called torture that was actually just bored soldiers having fun or interrogation methods that have been in place for decades? Would you rather the terrorists be free to kill our soldiers and citizens? Get it through your head, THE CONSTITUTION DOES NOT APPLY TO FOREIGN FIGHTERS WHO WANT TO KILL US. EVER!

I'll bet you know pretty much nothing about how congressional oversight works, what steps the Bush administration has ACTUALLY taken to inform congress about these programs, to what and who the constitution actually applies, the actual contents of the constitution, the actual contents of the programs in place. Or anything important for that matter. You're just one of those parrots shouting 'Bush lied, people died' and other brilliant (meaningless) slogans.