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Tales of Symphonia I on Gamecube or Tales of Vesperia on 360?

Heavens to Murgatoids.

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never played Vesperia, but i know Symphonia is awesome

I've never played either (except for the demo on XBL of Vesperia), so I'm trying to figure out which one to get. I know that Phantasia on SNES is supposed to be the best of all, but the GBA version didn't really get outstanding review scores.

Heavens to Murgatoids.

I think that Vesperia wins here easily. Better characters, better plot, better music, better graphics...

I felt it was a large step above all other Tales games that I have played (Vesperia, Eternia, Radiant Mythology and Symphonia). I hope the series follows the standard Vesperia set.

I own both games. Vesperia, it's not even close. Symphonia is good RPG. Vesperia is a great one.

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Symphonia will always have a place in my heart. Honestly, I like the story and the characters and the world(s) in ToS, but ToV definitely has the edge in gameplay and graphics. The world looks SO GOOD.

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They both are really great but if I were to recommend one I'd recommend Vesperia first and then Symphonia.

You'll get an amazing game no matter which one you go with though.

Vesperia sodomizes Symphonia.

The vast majority will say Tales of Vesperia. There's been a few polls on this one on various Tales sites, and Vesperia is near-unanimously the best one of the series.

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they both suck
the ghost won