Which one is next to become an on-rail shooter on the Wii?

Forums - Nintendo Discussion - Which one is next to become an on-rail shooter on the Wii?

on rails shooters rock.... I don't understand all the hate.

Hell I can even play UC with my girlfriend! that does rock (she hates horror stuff)


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Ruby on Rails

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"Kirby Wii - On-rails and inhales"

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Star Fox would be a perfect fit for a "on rails" genre. Mainly because it already is "on rails". Well, the one I played was anyway. I still want to be able to move left right up down though.

Hey! Didn't WarioWare: Smooth Moves have a mini game like that? Oh and I want it to look all trippy like the original was. No realism, No Cartoonyness, just Lawnmore Man like trippy shit.