Which one is next to become an on-rail shooter on the Wii?

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There has been many games of this type on the Wii. Some of them were on-rail shooters known from the past, like Ghost Squad or House of the Dead and others were known franchises that became that way, like Zelda ( Link Crossbow Training), Resident evil ( Umbrella Chronicles, The Darkside Chronicles ) or Dead Space (Dead Space Extraction).

So, which one will be next? Maybe a Mario on-rails?Or Metal Gear would suit better in this context?

Wii users have been threatened by the invasion of party games.....now the invasion have changed but it is still there.

Will this be the beginning of on-rail shooters assault on the Wii?

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I'll go with a company that needs to support Nintendo,but is still reluctant to.

I'll go with Konami and a Contra on-rails shooter or something. Time Crisis is coming to the Wii I think, but I forget who makes that.

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What the hell does ON-Rails mean?

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The Silent hill Remake that was talked about a bit ago.

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Resident Evil Umbrella Chronicles is on rails^^

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SaviorX said:
  Time Crisis is coming to the Wii I think, but I forget who makes that.


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Wait, Time Crisis is coming to the Wii?



Oh wait!! I want that, Pokemon Snap please, :D

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Castlevania or Mario Kart

pokemon snap!!! that would be awesome :D


anyways i'm expecting a resurgence of an old on-rail shooter title to come out...