Is Resident Evil franchise is dead-Have we seen the last good game of RE ?

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Is Resident Evil franchise is dead ? Have we seen the last good game of the resident evil franchise ? I mean, RE4 was terrific and was a logic evolution of the franchise. But RE5 look more like a action game and I think this is not what the fans expect from this serie...

What do you think VGchartz lovers ?

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Well RE4 wasn't that what I expected from the Resident Evil series either.

RE4 took a little step so that it can expand the fanbase, then RE5 just forgot the other RE's and became pretty much an action game.



Resident Evil is not dead, it has just got in a direction several fans don't appreciate. There will be more great games in the franchises but it's less Survival Horror and more Action. Personally, I'm not a big fan of the franchise but I think Survival Horror is about being helpless but most of the cast have enough experience with these types of events that they know what to do and the feeling of helpness is very limited.

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Resident Evil 4 was superb.. But then I think Umbrella Chronicles was great too and it probably has more in common with the originals than 4 or 5 yet people complain that Capcom is craping out cheaper games and want the RE4 style game. What do you guys expect? They hear 'MORE RE4' so they continue with that trend.


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Resident Evil as a franchise is not by any means dead.......The sales speak for it. As a quality product in comparison with the legacy of games that Resident Evil has, i must first play the game to come in a conclusion about it.

But the first experience i had on the demo of the 360 it was very bitter after i played Resident Evil 4: Wii Edition. About the controls mostly the other aspects of the game was great.

But Capcom choose the easy way by my book and focused on graphical and hollywood appeal for a mainstream action game that Resident Evil 4 pioniered. Well thats just my personal opinion on the matter.

No, it's not dead. RE4 is one of the greatest games I've ever played and, although RE5 may not quite live up to that, it's a worthy successor and one of the best games of this generation. I seem to remember Capcom recently saying RE6 would evolve the franchise in the way RE4 did, we probably won't see part 6 until next gen though.


Res Evil aint dead, far from it. Just because the game took a new more action orientated move dont mean the series is dead.
The sales will show us this, but theres also the successful movie franchise too.

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Barozi said:
Well RE4 wasn't that what I expected from the Resident Evil series either.


   i havent played 5 yet so i cant judge but there was news that re6 will be totaly diffrent than 4 and 5 weather that means it will go totaaly Gears like or back to its roots with scares and puzzles is wat will have to see


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