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While Playstation 3 is considerably lagging behind both Wii and Xbox 360 with a worldwide market share of about 16%, Playstation 2 is still selling as much as (I know : LOL) the new current generation market leader, Nintendo's Wii.

Sony Computer Entertainment America announced plans for a limited edition Ceramic White PlayStation 2 bundled with SingStar Pop, the second release in the multi-million selling SingStar franchise, along with two high-quality USB microphones. The new PlayStation 2 bundle will be available in North America in November for a suggested retail price of US$149.99/C$159.99.

The new limited edition Ceramic White PlayStation 2 features the same ultra-sleek design and functions of the current Charcoal Black and Satin Silver PlayStation 2 versions as well as the DVD and CD playback capabilities, digital surround sound, two memory card slots and an integrated Ethernet port for network gaming.

SingStar Pop puts friends and family center stage singing real songs from current chart-topping stars and pop legends including Alicia Keys, U2, Rihanna, Ashlee Simpson, The All-American Rejects and The Clash. With microphones in hand, aspiring pop stars can put on a concert in their living rooms by performing along with their favorite artists, singing duets and one-on-one battles, and even singing with up to eight players in a "Pass-the-Mic" social frenzy.

"With our expansive library of titles for PlayStation, led by social gaming experiences such as SingStar, and Buzz!, we have an incredible offering for first-time gaming families", said Jack Tretton, President and CEO, SCEA. "At $149, the limited edition Ceramic White PlayStation 2, bundled with the family-friendly social gaming title, SingStar Pop, is an unbeatable value that will provide fun for everyone this holiday."

PlayStation 2 continues to be the best-selling gaming system on the market with an installed base of more than 117 million worldwide, 44 million in North America alone. A further 10 million PlayStation 2 units are expected to be sold worldwide by the end of March 2008. More than 160 new games expected in North America throughout the holidays and by the end of March 2008, including Guitar Hero Encore: Rock the 80s, Madden NFL 08, NBA '08, and Buzz, as well as a back catalogue of over 1,400 games.

=====> Sony needs money
the best solutions to improve the sales is to reduce the price
but the best solution to improve the sales AND to earn more money is to make "special bundle offer"

Even if the PS2 isnt selling as much as the Wii, the PS2 is still the only Wii's direct competitor ... 
this move makes sense !

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No, it won't. But it will slow PS3 sales for sure.

ummmm, no. I definitely don't sing to my console and so are millions of others.

come on lets be serious. ps2 hurts ps3 sales no wii sales


IF I was just joking about the "PS2 killing the Wii" in the title (I put "not sure" at the end ...)

I really think that PS2 and Wii are playing in the same category for 2 reasons :

THE PRICE and the high numbers of party games/casual game released on both consoles

If someone is not sure if he will or not buy the Wii, he will not be interested with a PS3 or a Xbox360 BUT he may be interested in a cheapy PS2.

PS2 is still the big money "seeder" of SonyCE and is still the best way to stop/counter/reduce/limit/modulate the Wii Storm

and NO, PS2 sales doesn't hurt the PS3 sales except for the 0.0001% of people that think

PS2 = PS3 - 400$ : I m sure people are not completely stupid

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Absolutely no chance of this affecting PS3 sales in any way. The PS2 is now selling mostly to the casual audience, especially Singstar bundles like this, and the PS3 is about as far from the casual market as any console has ever been.

Don't see this affecting Wii sales much, as it doesn't have one of the strongest holiday lineups in gaming history coming up.

No one who buys a PS2 will then consider buying a PS3 - anytime soon that is. They will however consider buying a Wii.

But don't kid yourself - this "pack" is not new at all. Its been on sale for ages (in several different forms). This is the equiv of a "new colour" released with SingStar. No doubt it will be well over Xmas.

Still waiting for Wii Karaoke to be announced.

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I saw this bundle in WoolWorths (UK) a couple of weeks ago but with a Pink PStwo for £99.99 Seemed like a bargin to me even thought i dont want Singstar or a Pink PStwo.

This in no way will affect the sales of the PS3 but it will stop some people from buying the wii. The wii is up against the PS2 not the PS3, people on a budget will get the PS2 over the wii.