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Galaki said:
i would prefer it to go on Wii than 360.
That or bring that indiana jones back from the grave. Wii needs some whipping game.

Exactly what I was thinking. 

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Castlevania: Symphony of the Night is my favourite game on PS and even though I've played the DS games, I can't really compare them to it. Symphony of the Night, was a unique gaming experience, with amazingly detailed graphics, a soundtrack to die for and gameplay that deep, that I would still be playing the game (if I hadn't sold my PS ........).

Dawn of Sorrow was really great, just not that great in my opinion. I don't know why they can't make the graphics look more like SOTN. I believe the DS is capable of such graphic quality -it's supposed to be somewhere between PS and N64 in terms of graphics. So why, oh why, can't they make an amazingly good looking 2D game for the DS (maybe the system's memory is to blame?).

Anyway, really looking forward to the next 2D Castlevania installment on the DS. And if the people at Konami know what they're doing, they should make the 360 game 2D also. Just imagining how that game would look, makes me wanna pray for Konami to not bring another 3D crappy Castlevania game.

P.S. : I'm buying a PSP when the Castlevania Collection comes out! I'm a Castlevania nerd..........

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The 360 decision puzzles me. How well does Castlevania sell in Japan that they can just give up on it like that? Well, a 2D console game would be great, but right now the handhelds are churning out the best ones.

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