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Thought some might want these. Supposedly VGCharts.org had them at one time, but Im not sure. I compiled the data from VGCharts.org. Feel free to save it to your HD, give it to a friend, ect. Not like it matters. The data is from September to September on chart 1, and September to June year 9 on chart 2. I will provide annotations at some point marking important releases for the systems, but that's for later :) 24 Month Chart: 94 Month Chart: Discuss!

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I was looking a little into the first four months of game system sales and comparing it to the first year sales and what I found was that most systems sold between 45% and 65% of their first year sales in the first 4 months ... Personally, I would like to see someone do a stastical analysis of all consoles that lasted 4 years and extrapolate the sales of the Wii, PS3 and XBox 360 to 2010

Where are the handheld graph comparisons? Interesting to see the N64 ahead of the PS1 for 3 years! PS - 94month chart should only include consoles that have been out for that period...

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shams said: Interesting to see the N64 ahead of the PS1 for 3 years!
The N64 was released with all the anticipation of the market leader for two generations. The PS1 was realeased with slightly more anticipation than the 3D0. It's a good graph to show that the love of a previous gen doesn't guarantee success.

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The only bad part about 94 month comparison is the fact that no other systems aside from the N64 have lasted that long on VGcharts.org. N64 was discontinued at around 90 months, the DC around 40 months, ect. I have them all there to compare average sale level(s).

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