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DonWii said:

Actually, Legend was stating that he believed Sony adopters were mindless sheep. I think that deserves a warning.

No I remember that thread. Legend said that Sony viewed its fans as mindless sheep. If I remembered the thread title I'd link it.

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"It seems to me that Sony was just using their Playstation brand to push other technologies that weren't needed in a gaming console and considered many Playstation fans as mindless drones that would buy any console the company released with the Playstation logo."

"Well Sony saying something like 5 million Playstation fans will buy the Playstation 3 even if it didn't have any games made me immediately think of mindless drones at the time."


The thing is, that the title of this thread is '1up slams wii madden', not 'ckmlb is wii/nintendo biased!hey, so is 1up!!' or something.

This thread is filled with posts about ck and his sarcastic tactics and the 1up bias. The only phrase that comes to my mind is: 'There is no such thing as bad publicity'.

Plus, I know it, you know it, the mods know it, everybody knows it how a mod's behavior should be.

So take a step back to get the whole picture. Next time, let's all try to ignore such comments/quotes, call it whatever you like. I know I certainly will.

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I thought everyone would be ignoring 1Up by now... I've been ignoring them for nearly... 3 years.


By the way, I totally agree with ~Onna76~.

Tsuki ni kawatte...Oshiokiyo!

Watching "Aa!!Megami-sama : Sorezore no Tsubasa" and loving it!! 


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naznatips said:

I don't think you have to be insane... I just think you have to have zero tolerance for motion controls. That seems to be the case with all of 1UPs reviews, regardless of system (Lair anyone?). I remember a 1UP show a while back where they spent half the show bitching about the motion controls in the Warhawk beta. I played that beta on a friend's PS3, and although the learning curve was steep, the motion controls were very smoothly handled.

Similarly, any game that makes heavy use of motion controls is criticized very harshly. If you read their MP3 review, they constantly bitch about the motion control actions. I have been playing for over 10 hours now (in fact I have the game on as I'm typing right now) and I can tell you that the game reads the motion controls very smoothly. If you aren't ADHD and actually pay attention to what you are doing you shouldn't have any problems executing all motion commands effortlessly. They gave Wii Sports a 6.5 because of the motion controls, despite it's industry average being a 7.7. I think what they are against more than the Wii in specific is anything that changes their limited view of what gaming "should be."

I haven't yet run into a single spot where Metroid uses motion control. Any of the "pull and twist" or "interact with object" things thus far have used infrared exclusively.

SSX Blur used motion control an awful lot, and it took a lot of learning to get used to. My fiancee had been a big SSX fan and hated Blur for the first hour or so, but after she got used to the controls she loved it. It's her favorite one except possibly Tricky, which she still loves. I loved the game from the beginning because I had no preconceptions about how the controls should work and was happy to learn them.

It sounds to me like 1up is just unwilling to try new things regarding gaming. The problem is that they're not hardcore gamers. They don't want gaming to change because it's easy and requires no thought to just keep doing the same thing. If they were hardcore gamers, they'd welcome all kinds of changes to gaming and realize that the best mechanisms will always exist -- motion or no motion, infrared or no infrared.

While I'd agree that we're still looking for an appropriate place for motion based controls -- Godfather is a good clue as to where to go -- it's clear that infrared and pointing based controls are in the future and will be bigger as time goes on.

naznatips said:
I have no problems at all with ckmlb as a mod. As far as his mod duties go, he's very fair. His post wasn't trolling it was a sarcastic opinion, which he uses a lot. I just wish he had decided to actually defend it for once. He is by no means a troll, he simply has very strong opinions. He has every right to express those. Just because he is a mod doesn't mean he should be a robot and never state his opinions to one side or the other.

He didn't insult anyone. You all really need to chill about this trolling mods crap. None of the mods on this site troll one way or the other. They get into heated debates and discussions at times, but they always remain civil. Most of the people who label mods as trolls are far worse.

Eh, in my opinion anyone who refuses to defend or refute their point after statistical evidence has been posted should lose all rights to state that opinion.  Having someone go "The sky is Green!" followed by posts with pictures of the sky, followed by nothing... followed by the same person saying "The sky is Green!" over and over again in another post is just... stupid.

Still even though it's a double bias, and definitly shows that their is bias against the wii it is only a half a point.

So a game that would be equal on all three systems would get say 7.5 on Xbox and on PS3 would get a 7.0 on the Wii.  Really I agree with an earlier poster however who said that Wii madden isn't underrated but that the other Madden games are overrated.  I have a couple and it just never impresses me.  I'd give them 5's.  Whenever I want to play a football game I just dust off Tecmo Superbowl.  It's still the best football game of all time.

4.5?? Dont' you give rankings like 4.5 to games that are completely broken and you basically can't have any fun?

ign 1up
Metroid 3 9.5 9
bug island 4 2
madden 08 8.5 4.5
m. strikers 8.3 7.5
boogie 4.5 3
alien synd. 5.5 4.5
the bigs 7.0 5.5
pokemon 5.0 4.5
transform 6.0 4.0
harry pott 7.8 8
RE4 9 8
ratatouile 7 5
big brain 7.6 6.5
mortal kom 7.8 6.5
papr mario 8.9 8.0
sims 2 7.2 5.0
MP8 5.2 5.5
wario ware 8.2 8.0
red steel 6.0 5.0
rayman 8.3 7.0
zelda 9.5 10
trauma c 8.0 6.5

only a few games on the entire list of like 40 games scored better at 1up then on IGN. This has been beat to death, but it's hard to ignore.

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1UP's bias or lack thereof aside, one thing is for sure. Madden 08 for the Wii is a weak showing. Really weak. It deserved to get pounded by any and every reviewer. I got rid of it within a few days of having purchased it.

I hate trolls.

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Well, on the notion of 4.5 being for games that are broken and un-fun...I don't totally agree.  I think a 4.5 should be a game that's a little below average - it could possibly be fun for someone out there who really loves the genre....otherwise what's a 3?  REALLY broken and unfun?  What's a 1?  Worse than murder?

But that's just what I think should be...the reality is that most reviews skew above the 5/10 mark rather than averaging around it, so yeah, a 4.5 is way below average.

I also think all these 100-point rating scales are excessive.  IGN had to go out of its way to explain why Metroid Prime 3 gets a lower score than Metroid Prime, even though they seemed to like it just as much or more.  They wouldn't have to do that if the scores were both 5/5 or 9/10, but when there are 100 points to be awarded, things start to get messed up.