Is the ps3 graphically moving ahead to fast? let's have a debate.

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CGI-Quality said:
@ shock

Go study HEAVY RAIN, google it, trust, it's not what you may think it is. And it's using 0 CGI, all of what you see is real time, my friend.


 I looked at it some and it does look great, but from what I gathered it has a Dragons Lair play scheme. True or False?

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shock182 said:

I would have rather they took a bit of the kicking up of the sand, the flowing smoke, the yadda yadda out and cut out the loading hiccups that are so annoying. Most of those little things do not make a difference to someone playing the game. I can not speak for you, but when I am playing, I am more interested in what is around the corner or behind the cover shooting at me than the sand pixils he/she is kicking up while running.

I'm not arguing your right to your opinion or trying to change your mind, just making the observation that all those extra smoke and dust and fire details do make the game "vastly superior" TO ME.

As for the snippet I left quoted above, I do not have an issue with the loading hiccups between objectives through the single player campaign. My feeling is that there was a small sacrifice paid for the sake of not having a manadatory install eating up many Gbs of hard drive space, and more importantly, there is none of that huge downer associated with bringing home a game, eagerly unwrapping it and being on the edge of your seat ready to dive in and play, only to have a pop-up occur upon inserting the disc advising you to go make yourself a sandwich while the game spends the next 20 minutes installing and patching itself. Those hiccups are completely restricted to objective switches in the single player campaign, do not occur during the course of actual gun battles, and last, at most, 2 or 3 seconds when they're at their worst. I simply don't see this being any sort of inconvenience, as it's essentially just a mechanism to 'pause' the current sequence while the next objective loads, but not throwing up a loading screen.

Different strokes for different folks.


We are in 100% agreement. Just different sides of the coin.

@ shock

Right now, IMO, KZ2 DOES look noticeably better than anyhting out there, but to each, his own. You'd have to honestly go all the way through the game to understand just how jaw dropping it is. Like I said, demos and 5/10 min - 1/2 hr playthroughs do it no justice. That's my take anyway.

But since we're talking about graphics progressing too fast, I doubt we are. Besides, MS isn't down for the count in graphics yet.


@ shock

Very slight similarities, but for the most part, no.


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@ Dryden

You sir, hit Nail - Head. 100% agreeance from CGI-Quality :D


Sometime I wonder what is the point of starting this whole graphics argument thing all over again.

X360 fanboys will never see the difference between killzone2 and whatever x360 game because they are blinded by their fanboyism.

Even MS who makes the console can more or less own up and say "yeah, Killzone2 is graphically better than anything we have done but we can still compete and create similar", but the fanboys still can't, blinded by x360 love.

PS3 fanboys somehow see a huge gap in graphics between K2 and Gears.

IMO Killzone2 is graphically superior to gears and yes I have played both.

To answer your question I call to mind 2 things.

1) The ps3 is suppose to be hard to develop for and the x360 far easier.

2) it came out over a year and months after the x360.

Which do you think have the greater potential to produce better graphics looking forward?


shock182 said:

You would have to be a fanatic to claim that KZ2 is vastly superior to anything else out there.

As far as graphics go, Killzone 2 really is a few steps ahead of any other console game out at the moment. Perhaps in terms of physics aswell. (I've yet to see another game where you can throw a grenade at an enemy and the force of the impact will knock the enemies head back like he was punched.)

'Vastly superior' is perhaps overdoing it.

I was playing some COD4 the other day then I switched over to KZ2. The difference in graphics between the two titles is huge. In 2 years the bar has been raised to an entirely new level.

It makes me excited about what's coming next.

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@ justin

Not to be off topic, but EPIC avatar bro!! :)


We should get a really good look at what both consoles are capable of doing by the end of 2009, after that I'll give you my opinion lol