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ZenfoldorVGI said:
darthdevidem01 said:

we don't know that yet

the game cost a lot

there will be profit

but nowhere near the amount SONY has amassed from LBP



4th best opening week for a PS3 game!!


A. I'm not sure there will be profit at all.

B. This game didn't move hardware.

C. This game almost beat the PS3 version of CoD5, not "CoD5." CoD5, overall, destroyed this game in sales, it's a joke to compare the two.

D. Just be happy with the reviews. These sales were expected, and even if they weren't, they are barely above expectations. No megaton here, barely a ripple, move on.

A. your wrong.....someone did calculations n made the killzone 2 breaking even point at 2.2 Million.....1.2 Million copies shipped to EU already....thats easily profitable

B. Yes it did.....13K in NA & EU....= 26K.....those 26K PS3's weren't sold because of 50 Cent: blood on the sand (the other PS3 debut of the week)

C. I was implying COD 5 PS3 version....everyone in the thread has understood that....but ofcourse COD in itself is bigger than halo now.

D. Move on? WTH....its a thread for people's opinions.....impressive imo to sell near COD 5 opening week levels....no big deal.


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