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okay so I got the hookup and am buying a Sony Bravia Z Series 46" for more than 50% off. upgrading from my 32 inch samsung, but this is really irrelevant. What i really want to know if if any of you use ambient lighting behind your tvs and if so what do you use. I'm looking for a cheap DIY so please help. Thanks!

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Oh, I thought it was going to be techie questions, I'm a bit of a geek when it come to TV technology and I usually help in these kinds of threads.

I would help, but I haven' a clue about ambient lighting I'm afraid.

oh okay well thanks anyway... what do you think about the tv itself?

I have a 46 Z. And its great.

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Do you have any particular questions or concerns about it?

Ambient lighting? The closest I have to that is my little lamp that I have to the side of me. I haven't thought of putting it behind the tv, but most of it's light would probably get blotted out. :P

Now that I think of it, getting a faint lighting to go around and shine on the sides of the TV (not bright or directly in the eyes obviously) would be an awesome idea. I never even considered it before...

demacII said:
Do you have any particular questions or concerns about it?



no i i dont really have any concernc/questions. was just curious what others thought of it. i'm getting it either way lol.

What are you paying for it? I picked mine up for 1750 back in October. I assume it dropped since then.

around 1100. its msrp is still 2100.. i think bestbuy sells it for 1700. my friend works for a company that sells sony tvs to dept. stores or something like that, so thats how im getting it for 1100 :)