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60GB launch model... no "lag"
40GB model at work (don't ask)... no "lag"

It's a user perception thing, pretty sure. People are used to being superhuman in video games.


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Pristine20 said:
Sharky54 said:
As others said, this includes the PS3, PSP, anyone with multiple accounts all of which are counted, and anyone who signed up on the Playstation website and doesn't even own a PS3.

That's like comparing 20 million in their "network" to Windows LIVE + Xbox Live + Xbox.com + Games for Windows, etc. etc.
Pretty sure if we did this the Xbox "network" would be much MUCH larger.

The Resistance 2 online graphics were like mind blowingly bad. They reminded me of Call of Duty 2 level, if not worse. The campaign graphics were good, but the online was awful and you all should be able to admit that.

On a side note, when my cousin had to get his PS3 repaired twice for faulty Blu-Ray drive, he got a mess of trouble with their customer service, and 2 $100 fees for repairs. Did he swear to never buy a Sony console again? No, and he still enjoys his PS3 today.

Using the screenshots supplied, I'd say PS3 graphics haven't gotten better at all, and has even slipped lower in a few areas.

he delay from thinking "I want to fire" and pulling the trigger is not the issue, as that would be the same between using a controller and a firearm. The real issue is the delay from when you hit the trigger to when you see/hear the bullet. There is no 131ms delay from when I pull the trigger on a real life weapon to when the bullet leaves the barrel. The game definitely made it way too long of a delay. No way to justify it.

Although, it could be the incentive I need to sell off my PS3 and become a single console man again!

Where motion control falls apart is when it's an afterthought as it is on the PS3, or when you try to do it with cameras looking at your hands or face or whatever (this never works right once you get it into the living room with strange lighting, it's imprecise, and it's hard to fully integrate into games to control menus, pausing the game, and so on).

Yeah, it can give you the view from the hip, where everything looks taller and you seem like a midget. It has a 130ms delay.(making fun of killzone 2 and its engine)

ony is the one hurting the industry right now by adding high developer costs and complicated hardware (which drove at least 2 companies out of business).

Still makes me wonder just how many PSN accounts are unique, considering I'm sure thousands of them if not more are duplicates created to take advantage of different regions (UK for example) or certain games (CoD 4/5).

I'd rather pay a very small premium of $3 per month to get great quality online play for all my games than to pay a high premium for just one game like many PC gamers who like MMO's. Plus with the added quality in games like Call of Duty, it ensures that I pick the game for the 360 since LIVE is so much better especially on multiplat games.

Need I go on? Need I continue to show how biased you are?

You need to sell your ps3.



all quotes from Nightsurge, I didnt even go half way through his posts when I figured I had enough to prove he dislikes the PS3 and should sell his.

Just found a video on Youtube displaying the lag within the game. The game also seems to ignore (according to this video) some small taps on the analogue sticks.


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Sharky, you've made it abundantly clear where you stand on the PS3/360 fanboy side. Now could you quit trolling? All you're doing is making yourself look like a fool and earning a larger ban fine.

Dryden said:
Squilliam said:
There are some very important considerations here:

1. You must play the games on the same TV because different LCDs/CRTs have differing levels of 'lag' based on whether its upscaling, post processing, whether theres a game mode etc.

2. HDD speed doesn't factor into this IMO because you're running whats in main memory and thats the same between the systems.

3. The controllers and blu-tooth spec are important, that may be a source of the lag if they were changed in the controller or console. To test plug the controller into the USB and repeat the experiments, alse switch the controllers around between consoles.

The LCD/CRT issue is a red herring, because the "lag" people are complaining about is primarily due to three things (all in Killzone 2):

1. The generous dead zone on the sticks.

2. The slow sampling rate from the controller which causes the ~1/15th frame delay between pulling the trigger and seeing the fire animation on screen as well as discarding abrupt flicks of the sticks completely.

3. The lack of aim assist (except for the L1/flashlight 'bug' on the shotgun, which will be patched out).

If these issues were actually caused by the interconnection of the console to the TV, they'd be present in a lot of things other than Killzone 2, yet nobody has ever noticed them before. Frankly, if it were indeed an issue, Guitar Hero and Rock Band would be unplayable with that kind of delay.

OP: I have a original BC launch 60Gb. Never had a problem with it. I don't perceive any non-responsiveness in anything I play, and that's included an overdose of Killzone 2, LBP, Fallout 3, GH: World Tour, and Warhawk over the past three to four months.


The initial complaints I saw were for firing delay so really that removes 1/3.

#2 only accounts for 66ms of lag.

However, add a couple of frames more lag from a TV upscaler and it starts to become noticeable. Furthermore theres a pattern in this with 40GB PS3s (Apparantly).

Reviewers probably almost all have 60GB PS3s so if theres a systematic problem with the 40GB models they wouldn't have spotted it.

Lastly Guitar Hero does everything it can to reduce input lag, it runs at a sub HD resolution even! It also has a calibration tool for just this problem.



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You are trolling. You are basically saying sony cant make a good system. And that each new one gets worse. You are just trying to piss people off. Your posting history shows you dislike the PS3 and favor the 360. I don't troll. . . at least not here. Video games are a large part of my life. I do not take such shit as this lightly. If you don't like the PS3 so be it. But don't try to think of new ways to flame the PS3 and it's users.

Procrastinato said:
60GB launch model... no "lag"
40GB model at work (don't ask)... no "lag"

It's a user perception thing, pretty sure. People are used to being superhuman in video games.

Did you try simply burst or single shot firing and paying close attention when performing melee/jump actions?  Try those on the 40GB model to see if you see any delay.  Also, was the controller plugged in via charger?  And what was your TV?

That's not what I was saying at all.  You are the only one seeming to think this and has a problem with it.  I'm not trying to flame the PS3 at all, merely trying to find out if there is any truth in this.  If video games are such a big part of your life that little things like this irk you the wrong way, perhaps you should take a break or visit a videogame addiction center because your outbursts are childish and uncalled for.

Hes probably drinking beer again, slows the reactions.


Gippon said:
Just found a video on Youtube displaying the lag within the game. The game also seems to ignore (according to this video) some small taps on the analogue sticks.



Even if we assume that these "scientific methods" of calculating input response times are correct, 166 ms is not "gameplay effecting". I don't understand why people think the analog stick flick isn't responding... This game isn't a twitch shooter, you have to ACCELERATE from standing still, to moving at full speed. Just flicking the stick to the side and back doesn't give your character enough time to accelerate at all. You notice how when he flicks twice in close succesion, the camera moves? The acceleration from the first flick is carried over, and there is enough to cause movement with the second

Not many people realise but there are 2 variations of the 40Gb model, one has some extra storage memory away from the hardrive for things like accounts/PSN IDs and firmware updates, if people where to switch to a larger hardrive these people would have the info saved on the PS3.

Other 40Gb models don't have this, when these people upgrade they need manually download a firmware update from the web and re-update the PS3 via external storage when the new hardrive is put in.

I think you are chasing phantoms with this investigation personally, but I figure I'd at least point out the 40Gb differences.