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lol imagine if sony actually bought it. A fighting game with the freedom and budget of killzone 2.. humm. Awesome !!

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when everyone is talking about EA, Actvision and the Japanese...why not UBISOFT, ubisoft is still making money and mortal kombat is a good selling franchise in a genre that ubisoft miss..

Capcom or Atlas of USA. hell even Sega could do the franchise justice.

It would be a bad investment for any company they would have to create something to revive the almost dead Giant.

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Sega should buy it and have AM2 work on it.

Mortal Kombat needs to get back to basics. A solid, balanced fighting engine with simple controls and no one still does it as good as the virtual fighter staff.

Or super awesome if capcom bought it and made a Street Fighter vs Mortal Kombat with the marvel vs capcom engine.

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tekken vs mortal kombat.. lol :P tekken chars would soo kick their asses. Scorpion wouldn't be expecting a 20 hit combo :p

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ssj12 said:
Sony should buy it


I think it would be great for the versification of the playsation libary plus IIRC Sony doesn't have a decent beat em up to their name.

But in all honestly I Capcom would do the series the most justice.

i hope capcom gets it...fingers crossed.

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Staude said:
Soriku said:
Give it to Capcom?


wat. If anyone they should give it to namco. They would put some dept into the game :P

Yes I agree. Namco have two top tier fighters in Tekken & Soul Calibur

Forget LBP, this is HUGE.

Also Namco would be better than Capcom imo.

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