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Profcrab said:
Spam threads should really be retired altogether. "What are you thinking now", "The person above you", or "What song are you listening to right now" are all spam threads. When I see these I see forum pollution that makes the whole forum look like it is dominated by bored kids.

I give this thread a 9.5.

so what? It's all in good fun. Should every thread be boring and consist of nothing but gaming news?

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The person above me thinks he's old school!

fkusumot said:
The person above me thinks he's old school!


Good to see you back!


The person above me seems to be happy.

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Yea I saw a bunch of them out there and i didnt know what they were for.

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the person above me doesn't exist.

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Okay, guys, this is NOT a person above you thread itself, regardless of what others have been doing prior in it. This is a stickied thread to tell people to keep the threads to a minimum. Knock the spam here off, or I'll start warning and banning for it.


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