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Wow! i just played through the first level, first thing i noticed right away. graphics are awesome! its alot better then i expected. i dont like the cover system though. its good but you need too hold the trigger. who else got there copy

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I got mine on Thursday
Epic game full of epic win though. Beat it once and on my second playthrough on the hardest difficulty now... wow its hard.

Oh yeah... LIGHTNING GUN FTW!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!1111111111eleven

I have 2 copies, so it's twice as good, now. Other copy is for a friend.

I just picked it up today and I am now on the 3rd level. No joke, if you thought the first level looked good (the one from the demo) you are in for a surprise. This game looks awesome! I can just get lost staring at the sky in Visari Square. Everything about this game is sick!

No idea what I am in store for moving forward but so far in terms of the first two levels the game just seems to keep on amazing me. I am of course on my first playthrough and I am on Veteran. These guys are freakin' smart.

Alright then, back to Killzone 2.

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I just brought home my copy... So far... My impressions...

Excellent graphics. Excellent physics. Excellent lighting and smoke atmosphere.

The rest... It is great. But, I will take Uncharterd and Resistance over this any day.

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What are you doing posting here right now............go play it!

Nope, still waiting on Amazon so I better not be too anxious, never know when that could come...


I wasn't nearly as impressed with the early levels as I was with the later ones. The graphics get much better about 2/3 of the way through, so if you think it's good already, you're in for a real treat later on.

Preodered it, bought it, played it, fucking love it, took a break to come chat with you guys, now going back to it :D