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Loud_Hot_White_Box said:
jesus kung fu magic said:
Loud_Hot_White_Box said:
toastboy44562 said:

Little big planet has amazing graphics and awesome online. Do you think little big planet 2 (ps3) will kill all the sales for all the mario games?

The make your own level feature makes me think that nobody will want to play mario after they play lbp.

What do you guys think?


I don't think LBP can kill Mario, but it sure beat the hell out of Banjo Kazooie!!!!


I can't wait for Jak and Daxter.

OOO hell naw , maybe if your talking about this gen then yea but on the n64 , banjo rips apart lbp.


I was talking about this gen.  LBP ripped apart Banjo.  The Banjo IP may well be in the gutter, now, too.

As for the n64 days, I hear people say it was pretty good, but given level creation in LBP I'll say it probably doesn't rip LBP apart.   LBP did it to Banjo this gen, though.


Thats funny because people were saying the exact same thing with KZ1 and look at KZ2.

Mark the J mans words , Banjo will come back with a bang and be one of the premier platformers of this gen(or next)


N64 is the ONLY console of the fifth generation!!!

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Games that get called "killer" NEVER do even close to as good as what they are supposed to kill, like Halo killers and the Mario killers.... You are setting the game up for failure, kthxbye

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are you kidding???

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I swear that if somebody uses the term "killer" on a videogame again I'm going to rip the head of a inocent kitten with my teeth.

PS: Think on the kittens

for me no, thought I love LBP it just did not match the addiction i had on Super Mario 3 alone.

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If sonic couldn't do it, I don't think anyone will (kill mario).

Sackboy and Mario at the olympic games confirmed??

toastboy44562 said:
ah so some of you are seeing my point of view :D


Of course, you're talking about this point of view

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Well... if LBP and Mario are sitting on a 200ft Cliff then LBP tips Mario off. I'd say it's a KILLER!

I'm going to attempt to take this seriously.

To be a [game] killer, you have to do exactly what [game] does, and do it better in every way. A very rare occurence, that usually only happens in a sequel. For example, halo 2 killed Halo 1, because it diod the exact same thing only better, and it had online play.

Little Big Planet is a great game and a lot of fun, but it's nothing like either the 2D or 3D Mario games. LBP is a physics based platformer with a level editor that emphasises multiplayer and online. Mario is a reflex and combat based platformer that is realisticly regarded as isngle player. They're too different for one to kill the other.

Mario is big and recognisable. Sackboy is cute but lacks identifying characteristics. When you make the main character too customisable you're left with something that's not easily recognisable. No character comes to mind when someone mentions the Sims, but a mention of Metroid will instantly bring to mind Samus Aran. Branding is very important. Without a strong character supporting the franchise it can never be as succesful as Super Mario.

Another factor would be the time each fracnhise has been around. Nintendo has had decades to perfect what a Mario game is, LBP2 would be just two games into a franchise. Although LBP does what LBP does very well, Super Mario Galaxy does and absolutely amazing job at doing what SMG does. Maybe in twenty years the Little Big Planet franchise will be at the stage where it knows exactly what it wants to be, but as of now it's finding itself.

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no way, little big planet is the best ps3 game but is not even close to mario galaxy, also, Mario cannot die