Hands up, who bought Halo Wars?

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I did, better yet I traded in Halo 3 towards it (never really got in to it.)


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Are you in the USA? I am picking it up at a midnight launch.

Nah the UK it was released here today.


its out today.

when im finished with last remnant il deffo take a look at halo wars.

ive tried demo again and its very fluid

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It's not out here yet... What's up with the US not getting it first? I'm spoiled...

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I did. received it thursday. I am so 1337

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Paid for my preorder last night.

I pre-ordered (comes out the third here); Star Ocean is eating the hell out of my gaming time right now (and Gears multiplayer taking up the rest).

I'm buying it for sure (demo = good times) but don't know when I'm going to have the time to play...

I pre-ordered it a couple days ago.

ill sell my GTA4 for 20 quid and get the LCE of Halo wars for 30 quid :P

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