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No idea how many of people on here use Facebook, but every now and again, they have a "Poll of the Day", and today the question was "Which is the best new video game console?". However, this may just seem like a loada rubbish, as it depends on what kinda people participate in it. However, what makes it interesting, is that Facebook polls have various breakdowns by different demographics, so I thought it could be a possible indictator, which console appeals to qhich demographic. Total: PS3 (21%): 209 Wii (34%): 341 xBox 360 (45%): 450 Total 1000 people That it obviously not much use, as those results are gonna be biased. Notice how there is no option to give more than one answer (for 2 of the consoles), or a not sure answer. Responses by sex: Female: 160 Male: 840 Kinda predictable really. Responses by age: 13-17: 419 18-24: 504 25-34: 69 35-49: 4 Also fairly predictable (especially as Facebook is mainly used by those ages), note how there is only 4 people in the last category, which basically means those results are fairly useless as the sample size is well too small) Answer break down by age: (this is where it get's interesting) PS3 13-17: 22% 18-24: 20% 25-34: 25% 35-49: So PS3 support is fairly equal. Wii 13-17: 30% 18-24: 38% 25-34: 30% 35-49: 25% So even though many people claim Wii does not attract people in the age group 18-24, it appears that it does xBox 360 13-17: 48% 18-24: 42% 25-34: 45% 35-49: 75% Like I said earlier, a sample size of 4 is too small to teel support in the 35-49 age group, so the 75% result is not necessarily true, and it seems support for the 360 appears in the below 17 age group. However, what is missing from this, is people under 13, and over 49, which would be necessary to provide a full picture. Answer breakdown by sex: (I would say this is probably the most interesting part of the poll) PS3: Male: 21% Female: 18% suprisingly fairly equal! Wii: Male: 30% Female: 56% So anecdotal eveidence about the Wii widening the audiance is definately true. 360: Male: 49% Female: 26% Very little female support in comparison in comparison to it's male support. Guess that backs up what many people have been saying. All results were taken from Facebook, and weren't modified.

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