Is Mario Kart finally dieing in America?

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I don't know what's going on, but the last few weeks of Mario Kart Wii have shown what is comparitively a drop to the ground in it's sales.

From 90k to 67k, then 54k, 41k and 23k.

Here is the graph showing America versus Europe.

Is it dwindling shipments? is the game once again becoming difficult to find? or has the demand for it very suddenly dropped for some reason.... Had the drop been just 1-2 weeks in a row I would have been almost certain it was either supply of the game, or if the Wii itself had dropped in that time then the game would be merely staying with the console, but as it is the console spiked 4 weeks ago (some tax thing) but the game didn't... and after dropping back down the console has this last week rebounded... but has not taken MKWii with it.

Does anyone know what's going on? IS it in low supply?

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I don't what's going on. More than 200K new wii owners, and only 23K bought Mario Kart??? O.o

Totally sold out

Oh this does not bode well for my prediction.


Brett said:
Totally sold out


Holy smokes O.o

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Hmm. Apparently sold out. I'm one Wii owner who hasn't picked it up, and never will. Unless it's like 10$ (fat chance of that happening soon).



^ Why not? MKWii has superb online!


So, Nintendo didn't ship enough mario karts?

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I have yet to get this....I feel odd..

Former something....

Damn. A game sells out a year after release. Now thats legs.

Also, the online has been rather laggy lately. Think Nintendo will do us all a favor and invest in some more servers with those money bags they made from the game?

everybody already owns it :p