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Also, LMFAO at people trying to use metacritic to bring KZ2 down.

Have they really gotten that desperate?

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I only played the demo, but I don't think it's the best FPS game ever. It really reminded me of Halo. The controls were pretty much the same just mapped differently, which is the same relative to Goldeneye or Metroid Prime 3. Aiming was a little annoying. I don't play a lot of FPS but this game felt like a Halo clone to me. Felt like Halo 2 with a cover system (except in this game the squad you start the mission with doesn't die in the first two minutes) and some masked British guys instead of aliens.
It's not bad judging from what little I've seen but I won't be buying it. The graphics were good from a technical standpoint, but I thought the artstyle was pretty generic. I'm really all about the style when it comes to graphics. All signs point to generic but well done shooter.
Goldeneye is the best FPS ever, I played it a month ago and it was still fun, for several hours, even with just two people.

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Killzone 2 is pretty good, but its definately not the best single or multi-player experience. When I play it, the developer has done some pretty good work, however the level design etc isn't quite up to the standard of developers who consistantly produce AAA shooters such as Bungie, Valve, Infinity Ward and Epic. It does give me some good things to look forward to for the next game.

Infinity ward ? i haven't played other halos than the first (which i didn't like so i won't comment on bungie) but the call of duty games doesn't exacly have very good online maps. They are inconsistent in quality. Killzone 2's online hangs with every company you mentioned up there.. because it's really good. I'm not gonna say better. But it's worth mentioning in the same sentence.


The real test for the online is how many people will play it in 6 months or 12 months time. Hype can get people to buy a game, quality will get them to keep playing it.


That is true, however to me it seems like they really managed to create an awesome online experience. Who knows, it might get dull later on. But for now, it's great.. :P

Which is why "best FPS ever" should not be thrown around less than a week after release.



Actually i don't think you can say any game is ultimately the best of any genre. Simply because the viarity in every genre will draw different people to the different games, and hence they will have different opinions on what games are best. However, I do believe that you can see it when a game is thouroughly well executed and among the best of the genre.




Well, most people can't, but I certainly can tell you what games AREN'T the best of a certain genre.

Vesperia is fantastic. People go shits over it. It's not the best jrpg ever. Not even close, by any scale.

Killzone 2 is the Vesperia of fps. It could compete for best traditional game of a genre this generation, but me saying it's the best fps(or jrpg in the case of vesperia) of all time is ludcrious. It hasn't stood the test of time, it's isn't universally hailed, it doesn't necessarily have a AAA standalone single player campaign, and it actually has a small gameplay compromise in order to obtain its most notable feature, graphics.

Absolutely rediculious. Period. Does anyone dispute me?

You need to play through the campaign. If you do that (the whole campaign) you won't care about what you just wrote. Because you'll know what i know. It doesn't matter if the game might lack some features you want. Because it's so epic. :p

You might also say that it would have been a visual compromise to include splitscreen.


So when you have played through the campaign. I expect you to quote yourself and write what i just did.

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Ah, I picked up Killzone 2 today, played a couple hours of the campaign and I have to say I am pretty disapointed. It doesnt' live up to the hype for me. The graphics are good, but aren't OMG BEST GRAPHICS EVER good, which is what I have been hearing for years. In fact, to me anyway, gears 2 actually looked better, but that's probably just the art design. The things that I really don't like about Killzone 2 is the nonsesensical story (even worse than gears so far, and thats saying something) and the stupid controls. I messed with the controls for like a half hour before I finally got to the point where it felt somewhat comfortable, but the cover mechanic is still extremely awkward, as well as the zoom and melee motions. That being said there are lots of good about Killzone, but I wouldn't say it's that great. I haven't played the multiplayer yet, but I have a hard time with ps3 multiplayer as NOBODY TALKS. It drives me nuts, I'm to aclimated to xbox live...

Well, this might start it...


 I would hardly say I was causing a flame war.  I was just commenting on my disapointments.  I wasn't saying killzone was bad, but merely doesn't live up to hype.

Of course you weren't starting it. I was saying that this might start it. I started a flame war on accident once.

numonex said:
Only PS3 fans are saying: "Kill Zone 2 is the best FPS ever made". Oh well if it makes you guys happy keep believing that.


no you are wrong, only a couple of killzone fans say its the best fps ever.

i dont think its the best ever, but its certainly the best ive played this gen.

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ZenfoldorVGI said:
It has a better single player than I expected from the reviews. Certainly no CoD4 SP though. It has a very fun multiplayer game, but wasn't as fun as Goldeneye was. This is a AAA game, and all the parts together, I can see ranking it in the top 15 or 20 FPS games released on a console. Beyond that, you lose me. It's not as good as CoD4 or Bioshock in any way, shape, or form, imho, but it is good. I think the OP is seeing it with rose colored glasses because it just came out, it's great, and it's fresh. We, as humans, always do this. A solid 9/10 AAA shooter with the possible notation of "fantastic visuals." I'd give it a 9.2 or 9.3 if I had to get specific.

It's worse than MGS4, Fallout 3, SMG, CoD4, Bioshock, Vesperia, EBA, Persona 4, Valkyria, GTAIV, Braid, Orange Box, and LBP so far this generation. It's equivalent to Gears 1/2, and better than Fable 2, and most other stuff like that.

I enjoyed it alot, as you can tell. Keep in mind who is reviewing this.

To comment on the seldom held and soon to die out opinion that KZ2 is the best FPS of all time:

Rubbish. You ruin your credibility with statements like that. The kind of ruination that you can never regain.

you opinion mirrors mine in the fact that killzone is a great game but not the greatest ever made.

ive just bolded black the games you listed that i feel killzone is better than.

and ive bolded red the ones i belive killzone is about equal to from some angles.

ive left the rest as i cant comment on what i havent played. 

so all in all i believe killzone is a great game and is recomended if you like shooters.

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Snaaaaaake said:
Also, LMFAO at people trying to use metacritic to bring KZ2 down.

Have they really gotten that desperate?

I'm gonna go ahead and say you're a Sony fanboy, judging by what threads you comment on, this comment, your name, and how you got banned. Being a Sony fanboy in a thread about how  KZ2 is the best FPS ever means we shouldn't listen to you.

Cthulhu said:
how many reviews has killzone2?

71 reviews.


The rEVOLution is not being televised

The voice acting is terrible. I've only gotten past about chapters worth as of yet but so far all I can say is that I liked CoD4 better.

Best FPS?.. not with duel analogues, gimped controls hold this game back from ever reaching that milestone