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Anyone else, like me, entirely hinging their possible purchase of DSi based on whether there's a decent DS Lite trade in at Gamestop/EB ?

I never owned the original DS, but does anyone know what Gamestop/EB typically gave back as trade in value when the DS Lite came out?

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Right here. I need me a DSi something fierce but I will trade in my DSL and a few games in a heartbeat.

No. I never owned a DS Lite only a DS Phat. So I'm keeping the old school one and buying a DSi. Not that I need the old school one but still nice to have it.

Having both the DSlite and the original DS, i think i should add the DSi to my collection of gameboys. Yes!



I need to keep my DS Lite for Pokemon.

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Game in UK is doing this:


News: Grab A Half-Price Nintendo DSi At GAME

GAME are already preparing for the Easter DSi launch, and plan to offer the handheld for just £74.99 when you trade in an old console.

Planning on grabbing Nintendo's hot new handheld when it lands in Europe on April 3rd? If you place your order with GAME, you'll be able to get your very own Nintendo DSi on launch day for just £74.99 if you trade in one of your old consoles. The DSi will retail at around £150, making that a whopping 50% reduction in price.

This swish Easter deal is available to customers trading in an Xbox 360, PSP 3000, Wii or their DS Lite. ""We're working closely with Nintendo to organise a huge launch, which is perfectly timed for the Easter holidays," says Robert Quinn, GAME's operating director.

With Grand Theft Auto: Chinatown Wars and Pokémon Platinum coming out around the time of the DSi's launch and a back catalogue of hundreds of utterly fantastic titles to choose from, gamers are sure to have a fantastic time with their favourite touchy-feely handheld, whether they're upgrading their Lite or "Phat" consoles or buying one for the first time.

keep the DSL.

I'm also curious whether the increased CPU speed and extra RAM will have a noticable impact on WiFi games that lagged. The original Crystal Chronicles for example ran into some lag issues when you tried to 4 people playing simultaneously. Also, I remember Bangai-O lagging a fair bit when there was way too much stuff on the screen at once.

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