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Soriku said:
So basically they duct taped a GC controller and a classic controller and made this?

When will Nintendo run out of tape!


i heard they are using rubber cement now.

hello how are you.

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Why do they go back on design? N64 had a great feel for it's time, GC was great too (besides the D pad which was horrible.).

why don't they keep the GC and improve the D pad :/


Jeesh, just re-release the wavebird XD. No wire needed then!


Extra shoulder buttons? I just 4 shoulder buttons in different locations from the original Classic Controller (yes. it has four shoulder buttons too).

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Nah I don't think I'll get this. I definately want the classic SNES controller they're doing though.

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I'll stick to my Gamecube Wavebird. Aside from the massive back, it's one of the best controllers of all time (2nd favourite for me).

I guess I now have an excuse to buy a second Classic Controller for my two Wii Remotes.

Let's hope that it is completely GCN compatible.

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Soriku said:
So basically they duct taped a GC controller and a classic controller and made this?

When will Nintendo run out of tape!


I don't know, but whatever tape it is, with how well it's worked so far, if they ever run out i'll buy them some more!

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Oh heck no! Looks like a Dualshock imo. I like the GC's dual analog layout.. why not use that? Or better yet, make the left analog stick and D-pad interchangable.

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I think it's funny how we are comparing the classic controller to the PS3 controller. The classic controller is designed to play old outdated games (ie: classics).

I found this chart comparing controllers over the course of time. I never realized how close the PS1 controller resembles the SNES controller. I, of course, realized a long time ago that Sony added analog sticks after Nintendo did and when they realize it's about the only way to do 3D games. Also, they haven't changed the controller since the original dual shock. I guess that makes Sony smart; Let the other company do the hard work of innovating and then just copy them after it becomes old news.

As for the new classic controller: I am not sure it is any better than the old one. I don't think I would find it that comfortable.