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What is this? I punch vgcharts into google and the top site is (now?) vgcharts.COM. At first I thought vgcharts.org had just gotten a site redesign. But I really like some aspects of .com better..mainly the have a gif of LTD all systems NPD sales. http://videogamecharts.com/Gallery/albums/album01/MonthlyVideoGameSalesUS_002.gif Vgcharts.org could easily do that, as basic hardware sales are public media knowledge. It's not a copyright problem. But vgcharts seems interested in obscuring accurate numbers. What's up? A NPD chart like the one at .com would vastly help this site.

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Unfortunately NPD numbers like those shown on VGCharts.com aren't legal and are a copyright infringement (being "public" doesn't suddenly mean they are free game to post anywhere). As for the domain name, we have tried on a few occasions to purchase it from them with no luck.

You could always report them to NPD anonomosly. and then 2 weeks later offer to buy them agian. :D

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Well, NPD gives the hardware sales to various outlets. Gamespot, IGN, gamedaily, etc, who then publish them every month. I dont believe capturing that data would in any way possbly be illegal. It's public data! It would be like, if I want to discuss NPD sales from months past, that was reported on public websites, that's legal I think. NPD still has reams of sales data below the top ten games, etc. Obviously they only give a few snippets to media outlets to protect their business. That wouldn't change. But basic hardware sales, I believe are public knowledge once NPD gives them to media outlets.

Put it this way, if you obtained the data legally, say through gamedaily's past monthly NPD stories (or whatever), I dont believe NPD could do a damn thing to you. It's like on GAF, when they were told they could not post NPD a couple months ago, they simply made a tpic entitled "January NPD sales from the gamedaily perspective" as soon as gamedaily NPD article went up. There is nothing NPD can do to stop them.