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Found a JP commercial for Crisis Core:

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CC is amazing , hopefully the hype for the game will be huge in Japan , and the PSP will have one more million seller in the land of the rising sun :P

Dont be surised if the game moves hardware in japan.



I think Square and Sony are hoping that this game sells systems in Japan because the PSP is really struggling there.

Anyway, I will purchase both the FFVII CC PSP from Japan and the english version of the actual game. The extra PSP for me is a collecters item.

Nice looking game, granted practically the entire thing they showed was a prerendered cut scene, but still... I admit even actual gameplay footage has seriously impressive graphics for a handheld.

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It really looks AMAZING!! Just one question:is this supposed to be an action RPG and not turn-based? From the screenshots and the vids, it seems that way.

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How does sephiroth obtain the white and black wing?



It'd be a massive shock if the game didn't move additional units, leo-j. This game, unless it's actually rather bad, should perform in a similar manner to the Monster Hunter Freedom games.

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Look at the latest FFVII spinoff ( DoC ) it was crap , but it did sell well . Hopefully this will be able to push the PSP to 8 million in Japan until the end of the year . If this cant , nothing can :?