WHat is the most important thing HVS should add to The Conduit online?

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BengaBenga said:
Basically make it as easy as Mario Kart Wii, so fast random and lobby connections.

I'm absolutely very happy with the Wii Speak only for friends option. I stopped using my 360 headphone because of all the idiots on the other side of the connection.

The option to add anyone in a lobby to your Conduit FC list right away would be very nice (iirc that's also in MK).

But basically no lag + easy connection is everything I really want, the rest is bonus.


 Thats nice that you dont like hearing other people online but all you would need for that is a mute function. Stopping people from communicating with their teammates just because you dont know them is lame and if you dont like to hear them mute them. Its lame Nintendo is enforcing unneccessary limits.

Also I love the spectator idea. It was in SSBB but they completely messed up by not letting you spectate your own friends matches! Also I to would love to have the flexibility to switch the game options so its 1 vs 15 if you really wanted to. Thats the sort of streamlined experience it needs to be.

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Objective-based gameplay. Kill/death ratios just aren't enough to motivate me. In fact, they encourage behavior which I really don't appreciate.

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As long as it runs smoothly, it's easy to hook up and add friends and has lots of modes & maps (since we won't be downloading any extra ones no doubt) then I'm happy.

Instant respawning would also be nice.

Since they are one of the first to use WM+ if they added a sword-only mode that would be cool!


A rivals system a la Metroid Prime Hunters

Monster Hunter: pissing me off since 2010.

Proximity Mines.

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The ability to play against other people.

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When HVS claims they want to make one of the most customizable FPS ever, they have just promised us a really huge prospect. Making the controls customizable is a good but its no where as intricate and difficult to make a custimizable online experience.

That means a lot of work for HVS, I fear it wont do as much as it should in order to live up to the hype.

The ability to play offline splitscreen co-op, or include LAN play (is there LAN?) and give out free TV's with the purchase of The Conduit so my friends and I (and countless other Wii owners) can play with their (real life) FRIENDS.

What???? No Wiispeak?????

Pretty obvious, but some maps that are made for multiplayer. Too many times I'm stuck on a map that really has no business even being multiplayer at all.

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