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Not all hardware is found with Linux/Ubuntu, and neither are all 3rd party peripherals. As an example, the neighbour who I got converted to Linux, needed his printer setup. Unfortunately for whatever reason the Lexmark Z645 printer has no drivers for Ubuntu/Linux and is considered a paperweight. I had to suggest he sell the printer to someone for half what he paid, then buy a new printer but ask me first so I can make sure it's supported by Linux/Ubuntu. :/

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Hmmm I still wouldn't use it... I'm really not a computer expert and I have already some trouble figuring out my problems on Windows XP... I wouldn't take something even more complicated!

Sam said:
redspear said:

We are arguing the same point. I used Mac OS X as an example of a pre-installed - ready to use - system, and pointed out that despite it's alleged "user-friendliness" it also suffers from the same problems as other systems. I never made the claim that Mac OS X was the "most user friendly system" as you seem to have interpreted it - I said: "Mac OS X is supposed to be one of the most user friendly systems!" The keyword here is "supposed".

The stuff I mentioned was "nothing special" - that's the point exactly - but it's these "nothing special" kind of stuff which take up so much time to get configured. Time, is the point here. Time spent installing and configuring a system. Any system.

It may be Windows, Linux or Mac or any other system, it doesn't matter. Whatever it is you are installing, you better be prepared to spend a lot of time tweaking. And you also risk slowing down your productivity during the "getting used to" period as you learn your new tools. Something as trivial as a switch from MS Office to Open Office might cost you several hours of precious time just to figure out how to get a friggin margin the way you are used to or a specifying a table of contents. As this is my last year in college - I don't have hours to spend on that kind of stuff. If I'd install Ubuntu now, I may miss a deadline next week. The risk may be small, but I'm not prepared to take that risk. That is what my first post was trying to say.

Off topic: I'm not sure what makes you assume that users are not allowed to install drivers under Mac OS X? As far as drivers for printers goes - I allways uncheck the printer drivers package when I do a Mac OS X install, saves me Gigabytes of storage space. If I buy a new piece of hardware - I just download the drivers off the net or use the discs that came with the hardware.

 Actually, you don't have to try it right now... But, if you haven't already knew, there's an Ubuntu installer out there that lets you install and uninstall in the matter of just adding and removing a program.... It's called wubi

I understand your point... although it can be true to a lot of stuffs out there. 

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omgwtfbbq said:
fazz said:
Seriously, if you have the skills and knowledge to make everything run fine on linux, you can use those to make everything run perfect on Windows.

hmm? I didn't spend any time at all getting linux to run fine on my laptop. On the contrary, Everything worked fine out of the box and the only thing I had to install were the video card drivers (which were a two click process). I evenlogged onto the wireless network with no hassles and the latestalpha of Ubuntu supports my University's Wireless connection out of the box, something neither XP nor Vista can manage.

Compare this to Windows XP where I had to waste a blank CD just burning the ethernet drivers so I could download all the other drivers required (video card, wireless, USB, flash card reader, etc etc). Not to mention the constant reboots. I can install a fully functional Ubuntu system on my laptop within an hour, whereas Windows usually takes up an entire day.


You forgot about all the applications. Windows comes with only a few applications, every linux-distribution has many apps to install. And with windows you have to use everytime another installer for the program, under linux you use one installer (that comes with your distribution) to install all apps in the same easy way.

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Not "every" program, but a lot of. On Ubuntu, many programs, and some popular programs aren't added into the respository (however you spell it) for certain reason...

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