MadWorld US release date announced: March 10th

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Wait... that's *counts fingers* still too many days for me to count on my fingers!

Still, can't wait!

We get it 10 days later. :(

No wonder they're giving us t-shirts. :(


Sweet! Can't wait for this game :)

sonic- 3rd, madworld- 10th, RE5- 13th

poor money of mine :(

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I still want the T-Shirts! But anyway nice...

Former something....

So... yeah? That's so soon! :p First, nothing, now, all those awesome Wii games, and I can't even buy them all! :o Damn you, 3rd party developers, for releasing quality Wii games!

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was just at gamestop looking for Dragon Quest 5 and ended up pre ordering madworld in full paid lol. Also the first game i preordered in years.


Sweet. I will hit that, then tap that, then hit it again. IGN has the final build of the game and are praising the hell out of it. They are emphasizing that this is game of the year material, and for wii they don't foresee any other game coming out this year being able to dethrone it.

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This was confirmed a while ago. But I can't help being excited for this game. It's got the potential to be AAA.

A few weeks to go XD!!!

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