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IvorEvilen said:

I heard Fire Emblem DS wasn't that good....  Also, Maxis, just because you personally don't like something doesn't mean you need to preach about boycotts... >_>


1) learn to read and comprehend before you post

2) Fire Emblem is great (it's fire emblem ). If you want to play the ratings game, meta critic has it at 82, with 3-4 90's that came in, while VGChartz gave it an 8.6

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I´m happy with DQIV-V localization. it´s actually one of the best SE has recently done.

Okay, please, I don't want to start a flame war, it just happened to be that the one review I read over Fire Emblem was negative and Maxis's comments also appeared to be hostile, I'm sorry (;_;).  I try to avoid conflict but I also try to clarify misinformation, which is why Maxis, I do have to comment on your inaccurate statement on sales:

"However, its just the facts that with each subsequent Dragon Quest title, the sales have been less than the previous game."

While the original NES games did sell less with each consecutive game, that was due to less marketing. As for after the long SNES period with no games, DWVII sold way more than any of the NES games had (aside from the first game which was given away for free), and DQVIII sold more than double what DWVII had. Naturally DQIV DS is going to sell less on a handheld then it would on a console because there aren't as many hardcore/retro rpger gamers on it, and it still managed to make it well over the 150,000 mark. Dragon Quest V will probably sell even more than Dragon Quest IV had... so yeah. Heck, Dragon Quest Rocket Slime may not have broken 100,000 sales (it came close), but Dragon Quest Joker sold more in the US than any other game, selling well over half a million.  Many games don't come anywhere close to selling those figures in the states.

So, it isn't an obvious fact, neither is it a fact at all.  Either buy the game or don't, it's your choice, but your reaction to the games localization (which I think is fantastic and very mature, especially with party chat back in) is most likely going to discourage those rare viewers interested in the game and are determining their decision on the reactions of players in this thread...  I understand the dialects are touchy subject, but for most it is simply something you have to experience to know if you like it or not.  As I said before, a personal decision.

Sorry, that all seemed to be very attacking, please don't take it that way (;_;).  Sorry again for any misunderstandings then or now.  From one DQ fan to another.

The Game

Fuck yeah. Finally got my copy

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yeah i got mine. I love this game. Personally dragon quests games are my favorite rpgs


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Ivor. I was referring to DQ games that have come out since SquareEnix took over (and started the 'turn everything British/European with accents).

And yes, each subsequent game has sold less. I'll just use American sales as Europe is always a guess, if not unknown.

Dragon Quest VIII - 450,000 Units
Dragon Quest Monsters: Joker - 550,00 Units
Dragon Quest Swords Wii - 100,000 Units
Dragon Quest IV DS - 150,000 Units

So if you count Dragon Quest Swords Wii (A console Title), the series is actually doing better on handhelds. But the trend is still downwards. And why does Dragon Quest Monsters shine through as a title that sells? You can make your own guess as to why. But its also the only title in that batch that has 1) No edited content from the original game 2) Had some solid marketing when it came out and 3) Has a tolerable localization.

I'd be surprised if Dragon Quest V sells more than 200,000 Units in America. Even with higher scores from reviewers than DQIV and the original Dragon Quest V being considered one of the best JRPGs ever made. Why? Because 2 things sell games in America. Marketing and word of mouth. SquareEnix isn't coming up with their end of the bargain with the marketing....and you need a quality product to generate the other kind of hype.


You would be surprised how much a bad translation and slapping your fans in the face will kill your sales.  And if you really think '150,000 is good enough', perhaps you should put into perspective the fact that Dragon Quest is on the charts as one of the top 10 best selling series in the world.  Yet nearly all of that revenue comes from Japan.  You really think SE doesn't want that success to work its way into other regions, like it did for Final Fantasy?  Of course they do.  They just need to stop doing it half assed.

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I'm new to the series - DQIV is the first game I've bought for myself.

DQV will be the second.

I hope there's as much wit and heart in the writing as there was in the previous installment.

I got the game and I love it so far.

Dragon Quest=best JRPG series.

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Maxis, well, remakes are often a large turn off to many consumers and monster games are big turn ons, and the sales as you just have shown are all over the place in comparison to the previous. Sure, SquareEnix is awful at marketing, but the localization hasn't caused any suffering on sales. Besides, I think the best way to view sale relationship is through percentages. In comparison to Japanese sales, Dragon Quest games have sold in America:

Dragon Quest VIII - 10% total sales
Dragon Quest Heroes Rocket Slime - 23% total sales
Dragon Quest Monsters Joker - 27% total sales
Dragon Quest Swords - 18% total sales
Dragon Quest IV DS - 11% total sales

(Before Merger) Dragon Warrior VII - 5% of sales
(Couldn't find gameboy color figures)

As a main series title, in comparison to Japan, Americans showed more interest towards DQIV than DQVIII. Spin offs Americans tend to show more interest in comparison to Japan (especially the Joker game). Swords and Rocket Slime didn't sell very well in either America or Japan. Crossing out the two lesser games, you are left with three games since the merger, with 10%, 27%, and 11%. That isn't really a downward spiral from the point of the merger... more of a parabola.  While Joker didn't have the same localization style as most of the others... Joker wasn't a hardcore/traditional rpg either.  It had similar elements, but it wasn't a DQVIII or DQIV.

I predict that Dragon Quest IX may actually sell more than Joker here in the states (possibly break 1 million), and I also predict it to have the same localization treatment as the Zenithian Trilogy. I also predict the "monster capture" aspect of DQV alone to cause it to sell tremendously. Normally when a Dragon Quest game doesn't sell as well in Japan, in won't sell as well in the states, Joker being the only exception (although it didn't do that bad in Japan, but for a DQ game it didn't do that hot).

Remakes are remakes, spin offs are spin offs and main series titles... are, well you get what I mean. The best way to compare figures would probably be to wait until we get some sales figures for Dragon Quests V, VI, and IX. Then we could compare VIII to IX and compare IV, V, and VI. Those numbers would be more accurate then what we have now. Currently, there are no real reliable numbers to compare and from what I can see, there are no real reasonable relationships between the figures. Curse Americans and their lack of interest in the remake of a NES rpg.  Oh well, Dragon Quest IV sold better than Rocket Slime and Swords.  Of course, it hasn't sold as many as a many as DWVII (yet) or DQVIII, but it didn't do bad either.  It's just that wild card Joker that throws off the figures... I don't like wild cards (;_;)

No pun intended ;)

As for whoever is in charge of marketing Dragon Quest, this message is for you... you deserve serious punishment for your failures.  I will find you-... err, I probably won't.  I just hope that whoever you are, you will be fired for your failure at selling Dragon Quest!

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Well, looking at the sales as a percentage just changes the perception of the numbers and focuses on how well the game is selling in comparison to the Japanese sales. But it lacks the raw data of many of the things I was bringing up. Also, it messes with the statistics. Americans aren't showing more interest in DQIV over DQVIII... Japan bought 3,600,000 copies of DQVIII, while America bought 450,000. In comparison, Japan bought 1,300,00 copies of DQIV DS, while American bought 150,000. Percentage wise, you say that's a 1% jump. But obviously, visually, the numbers show the huge support and popularity for the series in Japan while we had a massive gap and decline. Percentages are more like a rough estimate...but can't account for things like popularity shifts.

And frankly, Dragon Quest has never reached a level where it could say it was 'popular' in America. I really think the only reason DQVIII sold was because it came with a preview disk for FFXIII and had voices added to it. And the reason DQM: Joker sold was because of its early TV/internet marketing and word of mouth. The other two games didn't have such marketing gimmicks if you will. So they've only sold to well...the base Dragon Quest fans and hardcore RPG crowd. Their localizations and all the alterations done to the recent games sure aren't helping give people an incentive to pass the word around.

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