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Try reading the text instead of relying solely in the semi-arbitrary scores.

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ive got some completely unbiased reviews in my signature for people, games, movies and an event!

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Well then, you have three options.

A: Stop reading reviews

B: Find a bunch of reviewers that have trustworthy and well reasoned opinions. They exist, although I find a lot of the better ones (at least in my country) and in print media and not teh interwebs.

C: Write your own reviews and thus attempt to do it better

OK, some of what you're arguing does have merit. I agree that reviews tend to have much more of an influencing factor in this industry than they should, a pitfall from the high costs associated with gaming. People need some reassurance that their 'investment in fun' is actually enjoyable. They obtain this incorrectly through reviews thinking that they all share the same individual quality perceptions.

Important to note is that reviews are not solely measures of fun. There can be plenty of mitigating factors which contribute to the overall score. Often times just how enjoyable the game is, gets overlooked through technical issues and a lack of innovation. By neglecting to deduct points from these somewhat easily overlooked factors, you're unfairly rewarding developers for riding the coat-tails of previously successful games and offering nothing more than a mere paint job.

I'm not saying that this review system is right, but it helps to understand it.

Well i see noting wrong with review systems as I use them as guide to see if i'm going to purchase a game or not. First things are notice about games are the score TBH. Than i would read up why it had that score. I would look at 2 or 3 more reviews to compare before purchasing. I dont want to spend money on a game that i would only play for a couple of hours and not touch it again or a very short game. To me money is money and with the way things are I cant freely spend it.


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Phoenix_Wiight said:
ya, theres tons of people who are sick of it like me.

if anyone says they're not sick of it, it's only because the games they like are getting good ratings.

honestly, its been going on for a while and has to stop.
it won't stop, so as a gamer, we must learn to have to deal with it.


I still read and take into consideration the opinions of IGN, even though they gave Kingdom hearts 2 a 7.8 (or 7.6 can't remember).

It's just an opinion, and sometimes you get valuable information from it (it's true what the IGN review said, aside from Cure, you can get through the entire game without using magic or summons. I did).

Try using reliable sources for your reviews oppose to blowing your money on games that will only waste your time and hard earned money. Once you find a good source stick to it for example i use gamespot.com/Ign.com.

but if your filthy rich why not try them all....

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Star Ocean 4 has had 1 review according to Metacritic. Might not have been amazing but 7/10 is better then most RPG's have gotten lately from Square Enix...

Star Ocean: The Last Hope WILL be great no matter what reviews pop up.

Never was a big fan of SO games just could never get into it and not really liking the char design. Was gonna purchase SO, but i do got to admit if the score for SO stays around 7 I'd probably wont get it.