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zelda ocarina of time VS final fantasy 7?

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Final Fantasy 7.

Final Fantasy is better than Zelda is.




Thats very easy. Although they are different genres Zelda wins hands down.

I remember the first time I walked out onto Hyrule. That moment alone wins it. That was graphics mile ahead of any game at the time. Also the boy to adult Link story was pure genius also.

Zelda OOT it is.

You're comparing an RPG to an Action/Adventure?

Ok, I'll play your game.

Ocarina of Time.

Ocarina of Time is my favorite game ever, so.....

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zelda was a revolution for 3D adventure games, FF7 was a refinement for RPGs, so zelda it is


OoT I guess...?

Dunno, how can you even compare?


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Though if you put like...VIII I would have said FF VIII > OoT.

Both great games, but I kinda like FF7 a little better.

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