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I'm taking this into my personal sig.


"It's the only game made in the last 20 years that genuinely deserves to be called a masterwork"

No love for Tetris?

To answer the OP: No. Ocarina of Time is not overrated. I don't personally like it as much as many others do, but I can comprehend what it meant for gaming in general and what it brought to the table.



Tetris was not made in the last 20 years.  Though I still don't quite agree that OoT is the only masterpiece in the last 20 years. I do however agree that it IS a masterpiece(even by today's standards); therefore, no I don't think it is overrated.

The definitive version of Tetris, the original Gameboy version came out in 1989, which is the version that people consider the true masterpiece. It's just hard for me to show that since all of the Tetris games back in the days had no subnames. They were all called Tetris.


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That's a negative, Ghost rider.

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Good game but IMO it's overrated.


every game that gets over 95% in my opinion is overrated


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to all the people screaming on this thread, read the article first...


Depends on what you mean. I first played it in 2006 after already beating Wind Waker, and it didn't exactly blow my mind. However, it was simply incredible back in 1998, and I have difficulty imagining how any future game could ever be as revolutionary.

Yes, it is only the best game I have ever played in my entire life.....but that's all, so it is overrated.

for me Zelda:TP was a better game, but i guess Oot was the one that started it all, so for me its over rated but still a very good game. 8.5/10 where as TP for me was 9/10.

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