Is Legend of Zelda: Ocarina of Time Overrated?

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Yes, I think the entire Zelda series is overrated.




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For its time it wasn't, but it's pretty overrated now unless you're looking at it through nostalgia goggles.

No, amazing game.

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There's a lot of overrated games out there but not at all for OOT. Or really the Zelda series in general. Maybe I'm just head over heels with the franchise, but I personally think it is underrated. I mean even today I don't feel it gets the credit it deserves. The Zelda series and OOT in general defines what it means to be a core gamer in my opinion.

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Anyone would can even ask this question shouldn't play zelda.


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sly777 said:

Yeah I know but the question can be ask. I think all the 3d zelda after OOT are better...


no way.  The only 3D game that could be conceivibly better than OoT is Majora's Mask.  Wind Waker and Twilight Princess shall never be in the same catergory as Majora's or OoT. EVER

Fact: Earthbound is the greatest game ever made

Overrated? No
Aged? Yes a little, but it's still the best game of alltime.

No way, truly epic adventure.

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