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I couldn't help myself...

Will you look at that, I'm no GBA expert but I could easily spot many RPGs at first glance, you can check the list yourself and look at the score. The truth is, RPGS have always been strong on Nintendo handhelds, since the first gameboy, it's not a matter of attention shifting this generation. JRPGs are plenty on handhelds regardless of how much they are demanded on consoles.

Just some of what I spotted, there are some remakes, but the list is there:

*List of 17 RPGs plus Zelda for some reason*

So the DS has already shipped more JRPGs than the GBA, with many more still in production or not yet localized for NA release. And then there's the PSP, with another 9 handheld titles which meet your criteria. 50% more JRPGs with a metacritic of 75 are already released on current-gen handhelds than were on the last generation of handhelds.

You can turn your nose up at them if you like (I turned my nose up at every JRPG last gen that wasn't made by Intelligent Systems), but the games are there. They're just on the handhelds now, because that's where the target audience is, and because most of these games are so niche that they need handheld-level budgets to turn a profit.


 ??? I didn't list the whole list, take Zelda off the list whatever, go do your own reading of the list and read carefully what I posted rather than just looking at a list and reply with nonsense.

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All the shit youre looking forward to is S-E? I guess....

DS is the RPG system this generation not any home console.

The problem with JRPG is the majority of them are not huge sellers. There are the few like FF and Dragon quests games etc that sell well, but for umproven new jrpg ip its very hard to make money on when it comes to HD system especially since a lot of them dont make it out of japan. This is the reason why the DS gets a lot of jrpg because of lower budget and much easier to recoup money.


@ RPG and everyone else who thinks JRPG's are few this gen. Buy a DS

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This is also including the PSP and DS which is just full of remakes, do you think this generation is the worst you have seen for JRPG?

I think this is the best generation of JRPGs - it will be.  Currently, last generation is the best but that should change before 2010.  There are just so many amazing JRPGs coming out this generation.

Of course, DS has been the best this generation.  It has many remakes of top JRPGs and fresh new stuff.  Wii, PSP, PS3, and Xbox 360 are also getting quite a few.  The consoles are getting a lot, especially if you include VC or the just released Sega games disc for the HD consoles.

There is truely no better time to be a live for a JRPG fan.  Also, the is the best generation for WRPGs.  We are currently in RPG heaven.

What now? This generation sucks hard compared to last generation. I've only played three truly great JRPGs this generation. I've even played so of the very overrated, in my opinion, JRPGs this generation and we certainly haven't kept up.

Do you have a Wii or DS?  That's where the best JRPGs are.

Go to VC and start DLing.  Paper Mario, Mario RPG, and a bunch more.  DS has remakes or enhanced ports of 2 of the bes 5 JRPGs of all time.  There are other FF remakes and at least 4 DQ games will be released.  That is just a taste.



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Charming games, let's see how they compare against RPGs from the first 3 years of the previous generation, starting with the Dreamcast in 2000, until beginning of 2003. I'll list only "traditional jRPGs, so no games like Phantasy Star Online.

Skies of Arcadia (2000)

Grandia 2 (2000)

Final Fantasy X (2001)

Dark Cloud (2001)

Shadow Hearts (2001)

Harvest Moon: Save the Homeland (2001)

Suikoden 3 (2002)

Kingdom Hearts (2002) (I think someone in this thread loves this one)

Wild Arms 3 (2002)

I think I could leave out the beginning of 2003 and it wouldn't be neccessary. But on 2003 with got:

Dark Cloud 2 (feb 2003)

Xenosaga: Episode 1 (feb 2003)

Breath of Fire: Dragon Quarter (feb 2003) 

.hack Infection Part 1 (feb 2003)


And a little later if we say in November 2003 last generation was 3 years old (starting on November 2000) : 

Disgaea: Hour of Darkness (August 2003)

Final Fantasy X-2 (November 2003)


NOTE: I'm only listing games ranked 75 and over on Metacritic. I'm also just listing games on home consoles. These are all JRPGs. You should notice all of them except for Grandia and Skies of Arcadia are all exclusives for PlayStation 2.


So yes, this generation, which is a little over 3 years old, has undeniably sucked for JRPGs. Unless anyone here can come up with a list that can match or even reach the knees of the list I provided above. 


If you're going to make a comparison, then at least get your dates right. The Dreamcast was released November 27th 1998 in Japan, September 9th 1999 in America and October 14th 1999 in Europe. At best you're a year off. However, we're talking about games that come from Japan, so inactuality you're two years off.

Here's what's left of your list. I'm not going to look anything up myself to see if it's complete.

Skies of Arcadia (2000)

Grandia 2 (2000)

Final Fantasy X (2001)

Dark Cloud (2001)

Shadow Hearts (2001)

Harvest Moon: Save the Homeland (2001)

Not bad, but not nearly as impressive.


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quit ur crying u baby it will be the best when final fantasy, dragon quest, monster hunter, pokemon and what not come out. it takes time to make a rpg so quit ur b##$ching.

For consoles it's absolutely disastrous so far. Especially here in Europe where the two Tales aren't released (yet?).

So all I played was Lost Odyssey (which I loved). Fire Emblem Radiant Dawn is awesome as well, but that's a SRPG. Star Ocean 4 will be next and after that the Wii will have to deliver with stuff like Little King's Story, Arc Rise Fantasia, Kizuna and Muramasa before FFXIII, because there's NOTHING on the HD consoles until that.

But on DS it's great. Sure most are remakes, but great ones. FF4, DQ4, Chrono Trigger etc and TWEWY is a great game, SUikoden is coming.

you people really need to look at the sales number of JRPG last gen.....the only ones that really sold over mil are FF, DQ, and Pokemon series...yeah couple other but not much....WRPG just gained a bit of popularity and JRPG's sales compared to WRPG aren't so great which is making people think JRPG are actually losing popularity or JRPG fans are moving to WRPG....

let's give some example....tales series...only ONE sold over a million.....the rest mostly sold around 300-500K area....tales series is still considered to be good...

.Hack series....have not sold more than 400K per game...but yet it's still a good JRPG and no one ever said it was a failure of a JRPG

Persona series....highest selling was Persona 4...sold 500K....and was considered awesome JRPG...and never was it considered to be a failure in sales area....

but this gen i hear people talking about LO, BD, VC, etc all having low sales and what not....yet they seem just about the same sales level as last gen....the only difference between this gen and last gen is that there isn't as much quantity of JRPG as last gen...

Yes, and if it were not for the DS i doubt an RPG only fan would even adopt the current gen consoles.

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