top 5 ps2 gamesĦĦĦ.

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mine are

Persona 3
Odin Sphere

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NO Ratchet and Clank or jak n daxter in top 5 =FAIL

Good list but I'd have replaced FF10 or SoTC with Gran Turismo 3.

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Mine Favourite But Not As Popular And Maybe Not As Good But There Still My Top 10 Games

1.God Of War
2.Star Wars Battlefront 2
3.Ratchet And Clank:Up Your Arsenal
4.Jak And Daxter:The Precursor Legacy
5.Sly Raccoon 3:Hounor Among Thevies
6.Dragon Ball Z:Budokai 2
7.Dynasty Warriors 5:Empires
8.Final Fantasy Xll
9.God Of War 2
10.Ratchet And Clank


God of war 2
Shadow of the colossus
Prince of persia - The sands of time
Final Fantasy X

All these were the ones i enjoyed the most on the ps2

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I agree, except I would replace GTA3 with San Andreas and FFX with Ratchet and Clank 3: Up Your Arsenal.

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for me
1. FFX
2. Snake Eater
3.San Andreas
4. God of War
5. Tekke 5

I have God of War 2 but for some reason i have not even played it?

The list said epic like 5 times, twice in the GoWII part. Whatever happened to the word "good" or "fantastic", on the net everything is EPIC!

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1-God of War 2
2-GTA 3
3-Shadow of the Colosuss.
4-Final Fantasy X